Sell Your Crafts at This Online Flea Market For Side Hustle Cash

zazzle side hustle

Are You Crafty? Make Some Money With Zazzle!

Zazzle is an online marketplace with a unique twist. Regardless of the craft, you prefer, if you think you can get someone to buy it then Zazzle has you covered. They will market both people’s designs and work with makers to help them get their orders together in a proper manner.

As a Designer

Whether you paint, do digital art, or even take photographs Zazzle offers to make it easier to focus on doing what you love so you don’t have to spend a ton of time making the products as well as the art.

This is especially attractive for those who just like to produce their art since it makes it almost hassle-free to monetize your designs without having to spend time learning the ins and outs of manufacturing processes. Simply place an order with your work on it and you’ll have it to sell.

You can create a free store on Zazzle’s website and place your artwork on one of their already arranged items like t-shirts or mugs or whatever. After that, you simply add the item to your store and you can sell it.

You’ll still have to do some marketing, but the royalties you earn should be at least a decent side income.

As a Maker

Crafty folks of all types will be pleased with Zazzle’s services as well. They’ll help you make an online shop to sell your products.

The main focus here is customizable products, whether it’s high-quality bookmarks, cutting tables with engravings, or whatever. You’ll still be making your products, of course, but Zazzle will be able to directly connect you with the people looking for your designs. This can make things ridiculously simple for you and it’ll streamline the order process over.

How It Works

Zazzle is still a relatively new marketplace, but the idea is pretty solid.

The normal chain for production of items runs from the manufacturer to the warehouse, to a retailer, to the customer. Zazzle is trying to cut all of that out of the middle of that process, connecting you with those who want your designs or just plain stuff.

It’s an interesting idea, and it’s probably worth exploring for those who are just starting to sell their own items through other services like Etsy or even their own website.

You’re going to be making affiliate marketing types of money for the most part since the items for designers will scale with the royalty. Charge a hefty royalty and the item will end up costing quite a bit, keep it low and you’ll have a matching lower price.

If others take up the affiliate marketing manual for you there’s a slight fee, but you’ll still be making most of your money for the referral so you’re good to go. The cool part about the designing is simply that you aren’t going to have to deal with a whole bunch of manufacturing yourself.

Like any business venture, you’ll still need to market, but if you’ve got the gift you’ll be able to turn a pretty tidy profit as long as your products are something even a little bit special.

Who’s It Recommended For

Zazzle is still a fairly new service, so it’s probably a good time to get in on the ground floor if you have the skills they market to. For most designers, it’s going to be a part time thing, of course, but makers can definitely turn an extra profit by using the service to help them find some extra customers.

Give it a shot if you’re the crafty or artistic type, you can always quit using the service if you don’t think it’s worth it but it can greatly help those who are just trying to get a start in the industry.