Vicks VapoRub $3 off Printable Coupon

vicks vapor rub coupon

Breathe Easy With This $3 Vapor Rub Coupon

Put Money Back In Your Pocket When You Print This $3 Coupon For (2) Vapor Rub Products

Restirctions Apply.  Get Your Reading Glasses To Squint At The Fine Print


Vicks Vapor rub uses aromatic therapy to open up the nostril passageway, so that you can breathe easy when it’s applied to your chest.  And now your wallet can breathe easy too when you print this $3 Vicks Vapor Rub coupon.  Money-woes can be just as stressful as health-woes, so take initiative and get both woes cleared up.  With the colder weather approaching, and more dormacy is inevitable, you’re most likely to get some type of nose-running viral attack.  So unclog those airways with Vicks Vapor Rub.

So Here’s Your Coupon Strategy…

A $3 coupon is a home run.  Even though you’d like to double it, you wouldn’t be able to double any other coupon up to $3, considering the $0.99 face value restrictions.  But don’t step there.  Because you can still be selective with your shopping locations, becuase some stores offer better opportunities than others.  So here are 2 places to consider:

  • Walmart – yes, this place is evil.  But their coupon policy is beneficial.  If you’re able to score more in coupon savings, than what the products are worth, then Walmart will pay you a coupon overage.  So, if you can wait, purchase Vicks Vapor Run when it’s on sale, and use this coupon.  Because there’s a good chance you could stack your coupon with an in-store promotion to get some overages.
  • Target – Target isn’t as evil.  And although they don’t offer coupon overages, they do have an interesting redemption policy.  Basically, if you buy (3) of a specific item, or (5), they’ll give you a $5 Target gift card.  So, if you’re looking to stock up on frequently used items in your house, then this could be a good opportunity to snag a $5 gift card, and combine it with the power-packed $3 Vicks Vapor Rub Coupon.

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