Deliver Packages On Your Next Cross-Country Trip For Extra Cash

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Frequent Traveler? Make Money Delivering Packages with DropTrip

If you’re frequently finding yourself taking trips, then you might be interested to know that the beta of a program which is designed to help ship unwieldy items will pay you in order to deliver something along the way.

DropTrip is still in beta, but if it launches correctly it just might be a fantastic way to subsidize some of the travel costs you face if you’re frequently on the road.

How It Works

With easily available, fast shipping being done for fairly low costs across the nation you might think it’d be hard for something like DropTrip to take off. It might not be, however, as the service looks to be specializing in items which are hard to ship through traditional mail.

This is a two part system.

Shippers post their items, and roughly the size of cargo area needed for them. On the search engine, this is split into categories including a backpack, a car, a truck, and a trailer.

Those taking trips post their trips. So if you’re going from, say, Los Angeles to Phoenix you can post that and see if there’s any packages which need to be picked up along the way.

The search engine is pretty expansive, and looks to be well done but there’s really not much available on it yet. Quite a few “sample” trips haven’t turned up anything yet.

It looks like a service that could really take off, and if you get in on the ground floor you might be able to make a good amount of money doing it in the future.

As a traveler, you’ll be able to see upfront what the person is willing to pay. This allows you to plan around your deliveries and to decide if something is worth it or not before you decide to embark as a crowdsourced courier.

Afterwards, you contact the shipper, scoop up the item, and embark on your trip. Once the item has been confirmed as delivered the payment will be released, making things easy and safe for pretty much everyone.

For those who are shipping, the packages are quite well insured as well, adding to their ease of mind about using the service.

A Service with Potential

DropTrip might just be one of the coolest ideas to come out of the new trend of crowdsourcing pretty much everything that can be found. In the best of cases, these services make a winner out of everyone, and it’s certainly shaping up to be exactly that.

Whether you have a long commute for work, you’re going on a trip to visit the parents, or you’re just on a leisurely road trip there’s potential money to be made on the side here for the traveler.

It also allows shipping of interestingly shaped, fragile, or very large items with a bit of ease.

The only problem currently with the platform is that it’s still in beta form and not a lot of people are using it yet. If DropTrip ups their game, however, there’s an amazing amount of potential to the service and there’s certainly a lot of money to be made in transporting goods anyways.


Don’t expect to be making a lot of money at the moment, as a matter of fact, don’t even count on making money on every trip, but if you’re a frequent traveler it’s worth it to sign up for the service. If it takes off, you’ll be able to subsidize a lot of your travel costs relatively easily, and by signing up now you can be part of the reason why it becomes a great service.