Here’s How To Side Hustle As A Shirt Designer For Extra Cash

tshirt side hustle

Design Your Own T-Shirts, Make Cash With Teespring

Here’s how to earn extra money.  Have you got art ideas that would look great on a shirt, but lack the means of production? Enter Teespring, which can be quite a respectable way to make money on the side. They’ll handle the production end, all you have to do is design the shirts.

How it Works

Using Teespring it’s almost comically easy to launch a “campaign” to sell shirts. Essentially, you’ll pick a design and a target number of sales and as long as you reach the sales goal you’ve initially set you’re going to be looking at some money.

You can either upload tees with just words, or you can try out your artwork. Artwork will tend to have more “legs” while pop-culture and current event themed tees are more likely to sell quickly.

You can also design mugs, stickers, and other stuff if you want to expand or feel that your stuff will fit there better.

The accepted formats for artwork are pretty wide, give it a shot and you might be surprised what you can come up with.

You’ll then be charged for the shirts, which go down in price as you bulk them out. There’s no money up front, however, and it might take a few campaigns to get off the ground. If you’ve got a little bit of time however, it can be a fairly lucrative hobby.

Some Tips

Nearly anyone who uses the site recommends trying out some Facebook ads in order to try and get the word out. If you’re unfamiliar with marketing, it can still be done pretty easily you’ll just need the following concepts down:

  • Target Your Audience: You want to target your audience as narrowly as possible. Your goal is to go viral, not to have to spend a bunch of money on ads to get to everyone. This means that you need to know exactly who you want to get the shirts.
  • A Bit of Copywriting: A great sales pitch can help move a product that might otherwise stay put. Keep your descriptions brief and simple if you’re looking to make a profit, but don’t be afraid to add a touch of character aimed at your audience. You don’t need a long form sales letter or anything, just a few words of description.
  • Good ideas: A lot of people run short campaigns on Teespring, seeking to capitalize on current events and pop culture. This is a viable strategy, but so is unique ideas pitched to the correct audience.

The best part about all of this is that you can test the waters with multiple different campaigns quickly and easily. Add some variety for the coloration and shirt types and you’ll be on the right track.

It might take a few tries, but don’t let an initial failure get you to give up. It’s a great way to make side money if you devote just a little bit of time to the whole affair. The big timers are certainly making a whole lot of money from it, turning it into a full-time sales career as opposed to just a couple of bucks on the side but either way of using the platform is super viable.


If you’ve got any skills as an artist, or just a little bit of wit, you can make big on Teespring. Even if you’re not going to be one of the top sellers, churning out a few campaigns here and there might get you a surprising amount of sales and if you get established you might be looking at some serious money.

If you do give it a shot, you might be surprised at what you can come up with and might have stumbled onto one of the best ways to make side money you’ve ever seen.