TARGET Deal Alert – Get Opti-Free contact cleaner for 50% off

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I have the fortunate pleasure of not needing contacts or glasses.  I’m not sure how that worked out.  I used to wear thick framed glasses when I was a kid.  Which matched perfectly with my big buck teeth and bowl cut.  Then, once I got to 7th grade, I just decided I wasn’t going to wear them anymore.  I put them in the junk drawer, combed my hair, and almost grew into my teeth for a puberty transformation.  I don’t know what sparked the optical mutiny, but I haven’t demonstrated any real need for them since.  Maybe it’s because I ate a lot of carrots during my adolescence.  Or maybe it’s food fortune from the DNA lottery.

But my optical serendipity isn’t true for everyone.  Almost everyone I know wears contacts or glasses.  And from what I hear, everyone that does wear contacts, gripes about cleaning their lenses.  The cost combined with the hassle tends to turn the process into a nuisance.  But not enough to stop wearing the contacts.  So here’s a sweet coupon code, stacked with a Target deal to maximize some savings to try and keep the hassle to minimum, so that you can enjoy the clear vision all the better.

  1. Go to Target.  Buy (1) 10 oz bottle of Opti-Free contact lens solution (@ $9.99), and (1) 4 oz bottle of Opti-Free (@ $5.89).  (Total = $9.99 + $5.89 = $15.88)
  2. Because you bought (2) bottles, you are eligible to receive a $5 Target Giftcard. ($15.88 – $5.00 = $10.88)
  3. Now, use this $3 coupon to save $3 off your 10 oz bottle of Opti-Free contact lens solution. ($10.88 – $3 = $7.88)

Total cost = $7.89 for (2) bottles of Opti-Free contact lens solution.  Total Savings: 50%

So there you have it.  Whether you have assisted vision or not, you should be able to see how to save 50% off Opti-Free.  So hopefully that’s enough to keep your spirits up, while you pinch your eyelids to read those miniature sized numbers on the display shelves.  And if it’s not.  It might be time to go rogue, and ditch the contacts and glasses, and give carrot consumption a try.  You never know.

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