Earn Side Hustle Gift Cards When You Fill Out Harris Polls Online

side hustle filling out polls

Side Hustle and Earn Some Amazon Money With HarrisPollOnline

When thinking of ways to make extra money, consider offering your opinion.  Because you could tell someone how horrible your least favorite show is and receive compensation in the meantime? It’s not quite a reality yet, but at www.harrispollonline.com you can receive compensation for your opinions on products and services which convert into Amazon gift cards. Not too bad at the end of the day.

How it Works

Simply go to the webpage and register. This is a quick and painless process, although the password requirements are a bit strict and can be frustrating for those of us who don’t like being forced to include special characters in our passwords.

From there you’ll be given a poll to earn your first “points” and you’ll be directed to different polls based on subjects such as politics, technology, and whatever else people may want research done on.

If you don’t qualify for a particular poll then you’ll still receive a token number of points and be entered into a Sweepstakes to win more. This makes it win/win since you won’t have to check your device for only for it be nothing.

The site is currently(October 2016) undergoing a revamp, and might not be as responsive as normal.

Cashing Out

It takes 625 HIpoints to get a $15 gift card, which you can pick out for a variety of different places. In general, the surveys will run from 75-100 HIpoints, so it’s definitely not the quickest way to earn some money, especially if you’re not in a demographic that’s often targeted.

You’ll also receive an entry in their sweepstakes for most of the surveys. The thing is, you can’t just sit there and grind out surveys, instead, you’ll have to wait for one to hit your demographic and then see if you qualify.

Overall you can make some money for a couple of books or something small, but it’ll take some time to do it. The surveys aren’t difficult, but without having a wide variety available at all times you might be left waiting to earn the last couple of points required to get that gift card.

There doesn’t appear to be a mobile app for the site either, which means that you’ll have to be at your computer or deal with all of the troubles that normally come with browsing from a phone. The site isn’t exactly optimized for mobile access either.

Still, free money for giving your opinion is nice and if you’re quick at taking surveys you may be able to make some side money off of the site, just don’t expect it to be fast. In general, you can make money either quickly or easily online, and this site holds true to that rule.

The validity of paid surveys should be called into question more often, however, as often people will simply answer quickly to get through it rather than giving an honest and well thought out opinion. It’s probably ethical to do the latter, although you may find yourself just clicking through if you have a lot of surveys to get done.

The payout is real, though, and the service is free, so it is a legitimate opportunity to nab some gift cards on the side. The ones for Amazon are particularly attractive since the retail giant has nearly everything readily available and you can easily combine the remaining balance on a card with your own method of payment to reduce prices and wring out every last cent.

Our Recommendation

The site is worth taking a look at if you have the free time. If you’re already time-poor during the day due to the rest of your work then it’s not going to add an appreciable income stream.

Essentially, if you have a lot of downtime then you might want to give it a shot and see what you can do but those of us who are already quite busy are going to find no benefit from the site since you can make better money at a quicker rate doing a myriad of other things.