Side Hustle as a Secret Shopper

Make Some Cash by Becoming a Secret Shopper with The Source

Secret shopping programs are easier to get into than ever before, and probably the closest most of us will get to engaging in espionage. By using The Source, you can find yourself in a position where you’ll be helping companies by providing valuable, ground-level feedback about their operations and the type of jobs can vary a bit so it won’t get stale.

How This Side Hustle Works

The company you’ll be working for is contracted by clients in order to achieve ground level data about the day-to-day operations of their project. They then hire field agents to complete these tasks and make sure that things are functioning at the level they desire, as well as getting other types of information directly from the sales floor or wherever the agent may end up.

You can sign up at their website, find projects near you, and go for it.

Basically, you’ll be a secret shopper in most cases. This means that you’ll be following some instructions then reporting back how things are working on the floor in order to provide data to the company itself.

Unlike a lot of shadier companies, you won’t be paying for the opportunity or making a deposit to get out there and figure out what’s going on.

You’ll be paid twice monthly and you can have the money directly deposited into your account or even just wait for a paper check in the mail the old fashioned way. With no fees charged, you’re sure to be able to turn a little bit of profit.

What Will I Be Doing?

You actually won’t be limited to secret shopping while you’re in the field. Sometimes you’ll have a specific task like making an appointment at a repair shop or do OnSite inspections which means that you’ll be making sure that current displays and standards are in place within the shop itself.

There are also tasks that involve intercepting customers as they leave in order to get their opinions and even shop-alongs where you’ll go with an experienced “moderator” to try and get a deeper understanding of the factors which drive people’s purchases.

How Much Do I Get Paid?

You won’t be paid hourly, so it’ll help to be efficient. It’d be unethical to not perform to the best of your ability, but you’ll be paid on a per-project basis. This means that you can set your own schedule and there’s no real commitment unless you’re specifically approached for a project.

For most people this will have to be a side-gig, of course, but who doesn’t like to get paid to shop?

Sounds Good, How Do I Get In?

You’ll need to provide the company with your information by filling out an application. From there, new field agents are hired on an as-needed basis by The Source. Your chances of getting in are greatly increased if you find yourself in an area where a lot of companies use the firm’s services.

If you live in an area where they’re not used all that much, you might be out of luck. It appears that The Source primarily hires field agents when a job within the area you live in isn’t taken, so you’re not going to have an easy time of it if you live in the sticks.

On the other hand, if you live in a major metropolitan area you might just find that you’re rapidly able to get things started since there may simply be more jobs than people available to do them.


While it’s very location dependent, you might be able to make some pretty good side money by working with the company. There’s no commitment, so why not give it a shot and see if it suits you?