Sell Your Hair For Some Side Hustle Profits

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Short On Cash But Long on Hair? Sell It!

If i asked you to think of ways to make extra money, it’s likely you would never consider selling your hair.  But is a unique marketplace which connects buyers with sellers of human hair. It might be something to consider if you’re considering a drastic change in style or just need some quick cash and have long hair.

How it Works

You post an ad like you would on any other online store, and wait for buyers to contact you. Hair has a surprisingly high value, but you’ll need a considerable amount to be able to sell it.

The site has a pretty good reputation as far as the reputability of the buyers goes, and you can receive your money through PayPal to make sure everything is secure. The site itself recommends not cutting your hair until you’ve received payment since it apparently keeps value with freshness.

The sellers will contact you directly through your e-mail, and you can discuss pricing and the like with them there.

HairSellon doesn’t take a commission fee from you, so the end result is pure profit for you.

Determining the Value of Your Hair

Hair has a surprising amount of value, actually, but it will vary widely depending on what kind of locks are currently caressing your head. The minimum length to sell is six inches or so, and you can expect about a hundred bucks for it at that length unless it’s ridiculously sparse.

The factors which go into deciding the value of your hair are dependent on the marketplace at the time, and the color and thickness wants will vary from time to time. More importantly, there’s the “virgin hair” status indicator.

This means that your hair hasn’t been treated with dyes, chemicals, straightened, iron, or anything else that could potentially damage the hair for the duration of its growth. In most instances, this will be the largest part of the value of the hair apart from length.

“Ultra virgin” hair brings in even more value, so if you’ve never extensively done anything to your hair then you’re looking at quite a bit of value added to the tresses you’re selling.

The money made can be pretty impressive for those who have great, long hair in the desirable color of the season but if you’re just curious you can use the calculator on their site to take a look and see if you’d part with your locks for the price.

Keep in mind that the estimate is generally on the high end of the scale.

Is It Worth It?

Depending on how much you value your locks you might or might not find the process to be worth it. You can get a few hundred bucks with a couple years’ worth of growth, but a lot of people certainly aren’t going to let go of their hair for the prices offered.

It’s mainly worth considering if you’re planning on restyling your hair to be much shorter anyways and it’s definitely not going to add too much to your bank account all at once unless you have some truly impressive locks you’re planning on parting with.

You can also pay to get a “featured” advertisement, which will bring you up higher on the search list when a buyer decides to take a look.


HairSellon is definitely a weird little niche, but you can look forward to making some decent money off of a sale if you have the right kind of hair. For the most part, it’s likely the hair will be used in wigs, but the end use is up to the buyer’s discretion so some people might be a little bit weirded out by the whole affair of course. If you think it’s right for you, give it a shot.