I Scored $150 Off A Craig’s List Side Hustle Gig

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I scored $150 In My Recent Craig’s List Side Hustle

If you’ve been browsing my site for was ways to make some extra cash, then you know I’m a big fan of finding menial side hustle gigs off Craig’s List.  And even though I’m more financially stable, I still like to transform the lazy Sunday into a day of profit and prosperity.

So my most recent gig involved some landscaping.  And it was tough.

The basic duty of the gig was to transport a pile of mulch, stone, and mushroom soil into specific locations around someone’s house.  The person in charge of the project did not bother getting a Bobcat, or any other type of machinery to perform the grunt work.  Instead, it was my job to shovel each pile in to a wheel barrow, and unload each haul into a designated area.

Moving Mulch

craig's list side hustle

So, in this picture, the mulch has already been moved.  The customer was using shitty mulch (the tan stuff spread over the road).  And although this mulch was basically hamster wood chips, it actually spread easily.

And another nice feature was that it was light.  So I was able to add a lot to the wheel barrow, reducing the amount of trips I’d need to make around the house.

And here’s where all that mulch went.

craigs list side hustle

Moving Stone

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This was a bitch.  Sure, when you compare the size of the wheel barrow to the pile of stones, it looks like it should only take a few a trips.  But don’t be deceived.  You can’t put too many stones into the wheel barrow, because the stones are a lot heavier than mulch.  So instead of filling it to the top, I could only fill it half way (if I had an adrenaline rush).

So the process required using a flat shovel, to try and scoop it off the drive way.  And this process was back breaking.  Although you use you’re best form (lift with your legs!), it still does a toll on your lower back.  And once it was all finally loaded and moved, I definitely felt tired.

But here’s a pic where half the pile was moved to.  The other half was moved into a pile in the very back of the house!

craig's list side hustle

Moving Mushroom Soil

craig's list side hustle

This shouldn’t have been bad.  But it was. And it was bad for 3 reasons:

  1. I was burnt out from moving all that stone
  2. The mushroom soil was breaking down, generating a lot of heat.  So being anywhere near the pile was 10 degrees hotter than the outside temperature.
  3. The mushroom soil was releasing methane gas.  So, there was an insufficient amount of oxygen around it.

So obviously, I was burned out from the stone.  It was tough.  But aside from that, I had to get the job done.  So while shoveling the mushroom soil, it was noticeably hot.  So hot that I was profusely sweating.  And aside from that, it was releasing methane gas.  So, working anywhere near this pile, there was a insufficient amount of oxygen.

But I trudged through it, and dumped all this soil behind the customer’s house:

craig's list side hustle

I made $150 for the day.

All in all, it was a tough gig.  The weather was hot, the job was tough, and the day took about 7 hours, which factors out to more than $20 an hour.  Which isn’t terrible.  But, I can say this with certainty: am very glad I don’t do gigs like this for a living.  And I have a new found respect for the landscapers I see grunting through the day.