If You’re Moving, Try a Hybrid-Move to Save Some Cash

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Save Money Using www.Hireahelper.com

If you’ve moved recently, you know what a pain it can be to hire a moving company. In addition to stiff fees for the trucks, there’s a laundry list of different requirements and fees which seem to stack up to infinity at times depending on just how much stuff you’re hauling with you.

Enter www.hireahelper.com, a “hybrid moving” service which will allow you to lower the fees by quite a bit. The people contracted with the site are all professional movers, quite often from regular moving companies, but all you’ll need to do is have your own truck, or rent one, and you can hire the labor from the site in order to save some serious money on using them.

How It Works

All of the people listed on the site are professionals, but you’ll still be able to pick your own helpers out of those local to your area. You can quickly and easily sort through them in order to find only the best, and then hire them.

Once they’ve been hired, you’re on track for an easy moving experience. Since all you’ll need to do is provide the truck, you can save yourself some labor and it’s especially cash saving if you already own a vehicle that can transport the cargo you intend to relocate.

Since everyone involved is a professional, there’s not much risk of broken items and as a general rule people hate losing business so any accidents are quite likely to be handled by the mover themselves.

You can reserve a helper who’s available at the time you want to move easily, and your card won’t be charged until the day before the job. You can also cancel as long as you let them know twenty four hours in advance, making things convenient and easy for you without risking your money

The helper will call the day beforehand to make sure everything is still on track, and then you’ll be good to go when the day of the big move arrives.

The payment itself is held in escrow by the site, and won’t be released to the contracted laborer until the move is done. The amount of security is pretty impressive, and it makes the convenient payments all the more attractive.

How Do I Benefit?

The main benefit is that you can quickly and easily compare the labor rates of different companies with no surprise fees being levied upon you at the last moment. This is, unfortunately, a rather common tactic with moving companies and what looks good upfront can end up costing you quite a bit of money later.

You’ll also be able to avoid the truck and equipment fees that you would otherwise have to pay in order to get moved. The estimates are guaranteed to be accurate, and in this case the movers will be competing for your business in a transparent arena which forces them to make sure that they offer a good rate.

It’s a classic example of a double win. The movers receive free advertising and more work minus a commission without having to use their own trucks, and you’ll receive the labor at a great rate. With www.hireahelper.com pretty much everyone will win out at the end of the day.

Even better, everything is transparent and available in public so you’ll know if a mover is bad before you decide to use them to transport your stuff. This keeps everyone on their best behavior and makes for a secure, customer oriented experience.


Hireahelper offers a unique service, and you might just be able to cut the cost of your next move in half or more with some careful selection. Give them a shot on your next move, and you’ll definitely find out why the service is becoming popular so rapidly.