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There nothing tastier than a meaty piece of chicken off the grill, or out of the deep fryer, or out of the oven, or off the pan, or out of the microwave, or…

Heck, chick is good anytime.  It’s a versatile meat that offers sufficient protein with little fat.   And what makes chicken taste even better is knowing that you’re getting a great deal on chicken.  So print this coupon to save $1 off (2) packs of Perdue chicken.

But don’t be a premature couponer.  The best way to maximize coupons is to use them when there is a sale going on at the store you’re shopping from.  So be patient.  Wait for Perdue chicken to be on sale at your store, and then when it is, slap that coupon in that cashier’s hand, and give that Perdue chicken the coupon squeeze to maximize your savings.

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