Are You Brilliant? Then Earn Side Hustle Cash As An Online Tutor.

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Making Money on the Side as a Tutor at

When thinking of ways to make extra money, consider your school days.  If you did well in school, and you’d like to try your hand at teaching, offers you the opportunity to digitally connect with students who need the extra helping hand. Getting started is pretty easy, provided you have the documents on hand.

How to Register

From the front page of their site, you can navigate and find the place to sign on as a tutor. You’ll need to fill out the application and have scanned copies of your CV and diploma in order to sign up since they don’t want someone just coming in and claiming to be a physics Ph.D. or whatever.

You’ll also have to complete an English test, which is reasonable enough considering you’ll be communicating digitally with people speaking English. Afterward, you’ll just create your profile to draw the prospective students in, add a photo and you’re looking good.

How You Get Paid
You can set your own price and deadlines and the money will be transferred to you via PayPal. This keeps things easy and simple, although you’ll be responsible for reporting your own taxes should you make a considerable amount of money doing it.

The payments come in once a month, and anything under $10 is unable to be pulled so it’s best to make sure that you get a decent amount of work done.

The ability to set your own rates is quite attractive, but one thing you’ll want to keep in mind while deciding is that the site itself takes 20% of the money you make for providing the platform.

Since you’re going to have to compete with others, you’ll have to do some fiddling with your rate to get the right one to get started. Your profiles rating will rise according to how good you are, and if you’re really good you should be able to start charging a bit more quite soon in your tutoring career.

The usual market dynamics apply here since you can either bid on students or they can come to you. If you’re not a big one on marketing it might take some time to figure it all out, but you should be able to handle it fairly quickly. If you’re smart enough to tutor, you should be able to handle simple market dynamics after all.

Is It Worth the Time?

That’s really the big question when it comes to online jobs after all.

It’s probably worth your time if you have a degree that’s in demand, good communication skills, and you can get yourself to a reasonable rate fairly quickly. The average pricing is around $20-$30 an hour, but if you’re particularly good you could definitely command a higher rate.

If you’re already a teacher earning more than that, it can still be some decent side money, but without knowing the specifics of your situation it’s hard to make a real recommendation. Those with a medical degree, for instance, will certainly be able to command a higher price than someone with an Associate’s in Communication.

It’s definitely worth giving a shot, however. If you have any teaching skills at all it might just help you make some good money on the side to supplement whatever your normal income is.


Eduboard offers a unique service, and the arrangement is great for both students and tutors. The students can pick their own tutor and vice versa, allowing for a free flowing market and some room for innovation on the part of the tutors. If you have a degree and the passion to teach, give it a shot, you might be surprised just how much you can accomplish through the site.