Online Business – How to Get Started Making $1000 a Month?

Online Business How to Get Started Guide

You know it’s possible to start an online business, but you don’t know how. Luckily my “Online Business How to Get Started” guide will teach you how to build your own online business.

First, I want to say this is a no bullsh*t type of online business building article. Building your own online business requires patience, hard work, a ton of research, and relentless belief it is going to work!

If you think building your own online business is easy, don’t start! It took me about 2 years to understand and start making money.

However, when I started I did not have the resources I am about to show you below.

How to Get Started?

My “Online Business – How to Get Started Guide” will give you all the resources you need to understand how to build your own online business.

I will teach you how to get started building an online business using two of the best models. These are not get rich quick schemes, these are REAL businesses that can later be sold for A LOT of money.

The two best online business models are an “Online Dropship Business” and “Affiliate Internet Marketing Business“.

I have successfully built and sold both and will teach you how I got started.

My first internet marketing business I bought for $18,000 and sold 3 years later for $175,00 after it started making almost $6,000 a month!

Below is a screenshot of my amazon payment account for proof.

Affiliate Internet Marketing Business

Become “Driven”

I wanted to include a quick section about becoming “driven” and “motivated” to build an online dropship business or internet marketing business.

Both require extreme dedication and hard work. Starting an online business is not easy. If it was, everyone would do it!

Getting started will require taking extreme action and a lot of research. There is never a perfect time to start. You will always be busy and there will always be something on your schedule. Don’t wait until next month or the new year, START TODAY! Taking the first step is always the hardest!

online business how to get started

I recommend putting aside at least 2 hours a day to learn about how to build your own online business and taking at least 1 major action step forward a day.

This may mean signing up for a 1 week email course about starting an online dropship business or a free-trial for how to create an online business website.

My first website was about selling bee pollen supplements! It made ZERO dollars! However, it taught me how to create an online business website and also what not to do. Sometimes you have to fail first to succeed!

Ok, now on to the actionable information.

Starting an Online Dropship Business

The first question you may have is “what is an online dropship business?”

Let’s say you want to start selling different “dog t-shirts”.

The “drop ship model” begins with the business owner (you) finding different manufacturing companies who make dog t-shirts.

Then, you create a website and list the different t-shirts you want to sell.

You market your website by writing articles, posting on social media, or creating different advertising campaigns.

Eventually a person visits your website and wants to buy a product. They click the t-shirt they want, visit the checkout page, and enter their shipping & payment information.

Then you send the shipping information to your supplier, pay for the t-shirt, and they ship it directly to your customer.

All you have to do is set the price on your website for more than you are paying and you just made a profit!

Ok, this is the extremely simplified version but that is essentially the dropship business model.

Here is a visual graphic that further explains the drop ship model.

Drop Ship Model

How to Start Your Drop Shipping Business?

The first thing to do is pick the best ecommerce platform for drop shipping. This is easy and there is one company that outshines them all. Shopify.

Shopify if the #1 site to help get a drop ship business up and running fast. Plus, they offer all the free information you need to get started.

I recommend visiting their website, click ‘Resources’, then ‘Guides’, and scroll to “The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping”.

This 11 chapter guide will give you everything you need to know about the online shopship business model.

It would be a waste of time to re-write what Shopify has already provided in such great detail. I just want to share with you the company I used (Shopify) to start a drop shipping business.

I also highly recommend visiting the Shopify website and signing up for the 14-day free trial. The 14-day free trial will walk you through exactly how to start your online drop ship business.

Even if you don’t follow all the way through, you will learn a ton about online business in 2 weeks. You are basically getting a free education on online business!

After Starting Your Drop Ship Business on Shopify

Once you have your Dropshipping business underway, there is one company you should 100% check out.

This company is called Oberlo.

Oberlo allows you to find products to be dropshipped, import them to your Shopify store, and handle the entire ordering process.

Basically it makes running your online dropship business a piece of cake! They are partnered with Shopify, so Oberlo will seamlessly integrate with your Shopify store.

You can visit the Oberlo website or Shopify website and check out the different features. Your 14-day free Shopify trial will also explain how Oberlo works.

Starting an Internet Marketing Business

An internet marketing business is similar to an online dropship business, except you never handle orders or payments. All you do is promote products and get a commission when one is sold!

Here are the basics for an affiliate internet marketing business.

First, start a website around a hobby or product category you know a lot about.

Then, begin writing articles about your hobby or product. Inside the article you can create “affiliate” links to different websites where your readers can buy the product.

The most popular site for an internet marketing business to use is Amazon. When a reader clicks your “affiliate” link to view the product on Amazon, you will receive a commission if they buy the product!

It’s that easy! Plus, you don’t have to deal with processing the order, exchanging money, or any of the customer service!

An affiliate internet marketing business is the easiest online business to start and is the first type of business I started.


Shopify Internet Marketing Business

Again, you can use Shopify to start an internet marketing business just like a dropshipping business.

After you setup your Shopify store and begin getting visitors to your articles and products, you can insert your “affiliate” link and start earning commissions.

The easiest way to start an internet marketing business is to sign up for the Shopify free trial. I also recommend visiting their site, clicking the “Blogs” category, and signing up for the “Free Business Lessons”.

When you choose a Shopify Store Theme you can then begin adding articles and products using the “Blog Post” feature.

WordPress & Bluehost Internet Marketing Business

Another route to go is using a WordPress website hosted with Bluehost. This is the format used on this website.

A WordPress site is often said to be better for blogging, while a Shopify site is better for ecommerce.

If you plan on selling products in the future, it may be a better idea to start off using Shopify.

Using WordPress & Bluehost is also a little more difficult and requires a bit more skill. However, it isn’t impossible and it was the first format I used for building an online buisness.

To setup a WordPress site, you must first buy a domain and hosting service from Bluehost. Then you can perform the “one click” WordPress install.

After logging into your website, you can select a “theme” and begin blogging.

Signing up for WordPress and Bluehost is extremely easy and instruction can be found on both site.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Setup

Setting up Bluehost WordPress hosting is super easy and can be done in under 10 minutes!

Watch the video below to learn how to setup your website and begin your internet marketing business today!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully after reading this “Online Business How to Get Started Guide” you have a better idea of the online business landscape.

I feel the two best REAL online businesses to start are a dropship business or affiliate internet marketing business.

Both are proven to work and are the most popular ways to make REAL money.

If you visit any marketplace to buy or sell an internet business, there will be either a drop ship business or affiliate internet marketing business.

Meaning the other internet business models do not work as well! Visit to see for yourself.

Remember to research and take action. Keeping failing until you succeed. Nothing great comes easy, but I can tell you it is worth it after you start earning income online.

So now that you know where to start, your must start! Which means taking action now!

I hope you enjoyed my “Online Business How to Get Started Guide”. Now get out there and start creating!