New Bounce Dryer Sheets .50 off Printable Coupon

bounce dryer sheets coupon

New Bounce Dryer Sheets .50 off Printable Coupon

Put Money Back In Your Pocket When You Print This $0.50 Bounce Dryer Sheets Coupon

Fresh clothes out of the dryer ranks as one of my favorite mundane joys.  The clothes are hot, and they smell fresh, and they look great.  But regardless of my incoming joy, it can all be taken away when the snapping sound of that static cling grips the clothes together like roofing tar.  But to avoid this dissatisfaction, I add a few Bounce dryer sheets to the mix.  This helps eliminate that cling.  But if you’re a cheapskate, then you might not be willing to cough up the cash to fund the static-free existence that’s preventing you from fulfilling your dreams.

So here’s a $0.50 Bounce dryer sheet coupon that will help you overcome your fears, and conquer the world without a bra clinging to your back.

So Here’s Your Bounce Coupon Strategy…

I get pumped when a $0.50 coupon floats into my inbox.  Because a coupon of this value can be doubled at the grocery store I commonly use.  So even though it says $0.50, the value will actually be honored at $1.00.  And it’s tempting to think that you could double all of your coupons.  But this perk only occurs when your coupon’s face value is $0.99 or less.  So if you’re ever trying to decide between a $1 and a $0.75 coupon, then you’ll want to lean towards the $0.75, because it can valued at $1.50 at any grocery store that doubles manufacturer coupons.

But I won’t stop there.  There are more savings to be had.  The next thing to look for are in-store promotions or sales.  Because stacking a doubled manufacturer coupon with another coupon is how you can get 75% or more off targeted items.  So don’t feel urged to spend that manufacturer coupon right away.  It’s worth your time to look for that in-store promotion or coupon.  Because that’s how you put money back in your pocket.

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