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Learn From These Financial Mistakes

It’s happened to all of us.  We get seduced by our grandiose ideas of success and fortune.  We think we’re going to launch the next great invention, or the next great social media website, or a revolutionary autonomous plunger.  And we pursue it whole-heatedly, unloading our savings and retirement accounts, maxing out credit cards, or even dreadfully taking out a 2nd mortgage.  But then things start to get shaky.  Orders aren’t coming in.  Traffic isn’t coming to your site.  Cease and desist letters are sent to your door.  Nothing is going as planned, and everything around you is a dumpster fire.  And you’re suddenly struck with mega-buyer’s remorse, as you sit back and wonder how all those fantastic dreams turned into a nightmare.

But regardless of all the shame and embarrassment you brought to your ethos, let it be known that you’re in good company.  Even the greatest have succumbed to bankruptcy (Milton Hershey, Walt Disney) in pursuit of wild ideas.  So although your grandoise visions aren’t as ambitious as global chocolate domination, or a talking mouse, there’s still something to learn from every business flop or money flop.

So check out these money flops, and learn from other’s mistakes.

Money Flop Therapy

Sure, you might be too ashamed to publicly admit your financial defeat.  So in case you need a quick fix or a pick-me-up, or some good ol’ inspiration, here are some dumb luck stories that might help you get through heartache:

My Dumb Luck – Stories Of Financial Serendipity 

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