Don’t Drive Much? Switch To This Pay-Per-Mile Car Insurance

metro mile pay per mile car insurnace

Don’t Drive Much? Save Money with MetroMile with Their Pay-Per-Mile Program

MetroMile is the unique car insurance company that bases your insurance cost off of how many miles you travel.

If you find yourself paying the full price of insurance on a car you don’t drive very much, then you might be interested in per mile insurance. MetroMile offers a service which allows you to pay only for the time you’re on the road, which might just save you a truckload of money if you don’t use your vehicle very often.

How It Works

Using MetroMile, you’ll be able to pay a base monthly rate, then you’ll be charged per mile on top of how you’re driving anyways. It’s certainly not the best option for everyone, but if you’re not using your vehicle all that much it can add up to some big savings.

The actual rates will vary depending on the normal factors which go into auto insurance like your driving history, but if you assume a rate of 3.2 cents per mile, then at 500 miles you’ll be paying $16 plus the $30 monthly fee making for a shockingly small payment of $46.

MetroMile provides full coverage, meaning both you and your vehicle are protected.

You’ll be plugging a small device into your car’s diagnostic port which will keep track of the miles you’re driving each day, and it has some extra functionality which will definitely catch the attention of the more thrifty of us.

The app which can be used from your phone can also track your mileage, allowing you to know exactly what miles per gallon you’re getting and acts as a GPS for your car so you’ll never lose it in a confusing parking lot again. It can also be used to pick up the signal for your check engine light which will allow you to know what’s going on when the infamous “broken” light on your dash appears.

There is also a “road trip” rate, so if you do occasionally use your car for extended trips it won’t break you. In most states, the rate will top out if you travel more than a hundred and fifty miles per day, although in Washington you can be charged for up to two hundred and fifty.

Who Is It Good For?

A lot of us, especially those who live in urban areas, find that we might only drive our vehicles a couple of hundred miles total in a month if that. It doesn’t make sense to pay for full usage when your car is parked most of the time, does it?

Currently, per-mile insurance through MetroMile is only available in some states, although they’re looking at expanding. If you happen to be living in California, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, or Washington then you’re good to go and can find a rate easily through their website to decide if the service is right for you.

At the end of the day, per-mile insurance isn’t going to be the thing for everyone. Some of us enjoy our long rides, and much like phones which charge per the minute, it will make more sense for these people to go with more standard insurance plans. If you prefer to take your bicycle or public transit for most of your commuting, though, MetroMile is offering you a big change which will lead to big savings on your payments.


Per-mile insurance, such as that offered by MetroMile, can take a dent out of your insurance rates if you’re the right type of driver. Take a closer look and see if it’s right for you, the savings can be pretty impressive and it might give you the inclination to take a walk or use your bike just a little bit more often.