How I Make Over $1000 per Month Online

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How I Make Over $1000 Every Month On The Internet

So, if you read my About Me page, then you’ll know my story: I’m the sole-provider for a wife and a handful of kids (well, only 2 at the moment…).  And as the sole-provider, I’m always looking for ways to make extra money for the household, from doing Craig’s List gigs, to running rampant with candy vending machines, to working landscaping gigs on the side.

But after testing the water with various side hustles, without any hesitation, earning money online has proven to be the most profitable, and the least time consuming.  And it’s not even close.  I wake up every morning, commit 1-2 hours to shipping out products for my drop ship website, and post new articles on this blog.  And at the end of the month, after tallying all of my earnings, it always adds up to over $1000.  And I’ve only actively been doing this for about 6 months.  Here are my (2) methods for earning money online:

Making Money with my Drop Ship/eCommerce website:

I use Shopify to host my eCommerce store.  Shopify is great because it combines hosting and my credit card processing needs to create a modern, easy-to-use eCommerce store.  Get your online store operating today for as little as $9 a month.

I have an eCommerce store that gains over $1000 in revenue per month, and profits over $300 per month.  And I do this without any inventory.  I have a drop shipper that handles the inventory, and ships out the products.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Customer places order on my Shopify website:
  2. I receive the order and payment.
  3. I email my drop shipper the name and address of my customer, and what they ordered.
  4. My drop shipper mails out the order to my customer.
  5. The drop shipper charges me a lesser amount than what the customer paid.  So I make a profit.

Essentially, it’s a wholesale account.  But there’s practically zero risk, compared to having to buy a pallet full of products.  So, I get to post all these products on my website.  Then I market the products in relevant forums and social media.  Then I collect orders, and ask my drop shipper to send out the orders.  And I hike up the price so that I’m collecting at least 25% per order.

Making Money as a Blogger

Blue Host is the top hosting service for blogs and websites.  For as little as $3.45 per month, you can start blogging, and begin earning that passive income by writing about topics you enjoy.  Here’s a step-by-step process on how to start your top ranking blog with Blue Host.

You all know about my blog, Jason Coupon King!   And you know I like to post popular coupons, and how to live like a frugal-lite.  And I thoroughly enjoy writing and thinking about the topics.  But there’s a financial incentive too.  My blog alone, earns over $1000 per month.  This may sound surprising, because I’m not selling anything.  But yes, there’s money to made by offering an informative, well-presented blog.  And here’s how Jason Coupon King earns cash:

  1. Google Adsense – sign up for Google Adsense, and Google will automatically post relevant ads on your website.  When users click those ads, you get paid.

  1. – My coupon promotion may seem like a selfless act of kindness.  But in reality, I get a cut of each coupon you print.  So print away!
  2. Amazon Associates – And to compliment some of my more popular coupons, I’ll add Amazon products to the coupon listing.  And if someone clicks that link, and purchases the item off Amazon, I get a cut of the sale:
  3. Affiliate Linking – This is essentially the same as Amazon Associates.  But, instead of using posting Amazon’s product, you end up posting products from various other websites.  I use Commission Junction to secure

It’s a collective effort.  And if I were to stop earning from one of these outlets, then my monthly income could be reduced anywhere between 25% – 50%.  So each method is just as vital and important to create a profitable eco-system.