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Get Your Side Hustle Game Flowing With These Suggested Gigs

“I need more money,” is probably one of the most common phrases that we utter after we tackle personal expenses.  Our full time jobs can only offer so much, and we only have so much blood or plasma to donate.  But there’s another valuable commodity that you own; your lost hours.

Your lost hours are the hours of your life that you did not transfer into value.  How many Saturdays did you piss away without accomplishing anything?  Or how many evenings did you commit to meaningless television reruns?  Imagine instead of wasting all of those hours, you transferred a portion of those hours into monetary value.  And imagine how different your financial life might be had you transferred them into value:  less debt, more savings.

Stop accumulating lost hours, and start accumulating more value with your hours.  If you’re plagued with the “I need more money” phrase, then check out these viable side hustles that will convert your hours into value:

  1. Craig’s List Gigs: This is a personal favorite of mine.  Craig’s List has a gig section, that typically lists manual labor, grunt jobs.  So, in 1 month, I found enough gigs to work over 35 hours.  In total, I earned $655, which factors out to over $18 an hour.
  2. BloggingThis is an easy one.  I made over $1000 a month blogging about coupons and personal finance.  Sign up for Blue Host hosting, get a free domain, and launch your WordPress blog.  And then you could be earning $1000+ a month.
  3. Start Your Own Drop Ship eCommerce Store: This is another easy one.  I sell about $1000 worth of crickets every month, and earn about 28% profit.  Drop shipping is easy, and a great way to get an online store started.  Shopify is the best way to start.
  4. Collect Your Unclaimed Property : Maybe, at some point, a company decided they owed you money, but you never knew about it.  Here’s how you can see if any government or company has a fat check with your name on it.
  5. Promote Your Manual labor skills on Thumbtack : If you’re great at mowing lawns, or performing other forms of grunt work, then scour the ads on Thumbtack.  You can perform the work, and get paid that day.
  6. Perform menial tasks with TaskRabbit : There are people all over looking for someone to do their chores around the house.  TaskRabbit will post those chores, and you can see if it’s a fit.
  7. Get Paid To Grocery Shop : Shipt is a cool app that let’s you know if someone’s looking for some grocery service.  Get their list, pick up the items, and bring them home.
  8. Earn Money Taste Testing Foods : Yes, you could be a food guinea pig.  So fill out some forms, and see if you qualify.
  9. Sit-in As an Online Juror : You could earn great cash and dictate someone’s fictitious fate.  This may be the only time being a juror was fun.
  10. Work As a Staff Member For Promotional Events : All hands on deck.  When you sign up with this event staffing company, they’ll let you know about all the events in town that need some extra hands.
  11. Side Hustle Your Heart Out as a Transcriptionist : You type a lot.  So you might as well get paid for it.  Transcribe audio and video, so the less fortunate can read while viewing.
  12. Pick and choose random gigs with the Gigwalk App : Similar to TaskRabbit, this app lets you know when someone has work to offer.
  13. Earn some cash as a Mechanical Turk for Amazon : If you want to keep your work online, then look into becoming a Mechanical Turk.  You can do minor tasks for some fat stacks of coins.
  14. Test Beta Websites for $10 a Smack : Yes, every website has some growing pains.  And you can be a pain in their ass by telling them all about their problems.
  15. Sneak Around as A Secret Shopper : Secret shopping can be fun, exciting, and lucrative.  Find local assignments to score some side hustle pay days.
  16. Earn Free Google Play Credit : Share your misinformed opinion with Google, and you’ll earn some credits for their Google Play store.
  17. Chauffeur as a Lyft or Uber Driver : Cruise the circuit and deliver people to their destinations for some quick cash.
  18. Sell Your Skills As A Freelancer : If you have a skill, consider selling it on one of these online freelancer websites
  19. Sell Your Beautiful Hair : Yes, there are people that will pay for your beautiful hair.  So keep it clean.
  20. Sell Your Crafts on This Online Flea Market : will accept those home crafts and try and convince someone to buy them.
  21. Make Bank When You Complete These Menial Tasks : is where you go to find menial tasks that you can complete for money.
  22. Put Your Buddy Skills to Use with : Yes, this is a thing.
  23. Walk Dogs, or Dog-sit with : Being great with dogs has its benefits.  Walk them, or watch them, and you could make some serious cash.
  24. Slap Ads On Your Car For Extra Income : Here’s an idea.  Finance a brand new car, and pay for it with car advertisements.
  25. Earn Cash As An Online Tutor: Put your infinite wisdom to use, by helping educate others.  If you’re knowledgeable in common topics, and if you communicate well, you could make as much as $30 an hour.
  26. Stock Pile Amazon Gift Cards by Filling Out Harris Online Polls: No one’s every going to offer you money for your opinion.  So you might as well take the next best option: Amazon gift cards.  Just fill out Harris Polls, and you’ll receive Amazon Gift cards.
  27. Buy Low, Sell High with Retail Arbitrage: The theory is easy to understand.  But finding a supplier is the challenge.  Check out these tips from an experienced retail arbitrager.
  28. Pimp Out Your Truck To Help People Move: If you own a truck, someone’s in need.  You can help people move their belongings, or pick up big items.  Just sign up, and start pimping out your ride.
  29. Sell Your Caring Side: People, animals, homes, and even boats need care-givers.  Sign up through and you could start side hustling as a weekend care giver.
  30. Sell Your Creative T-Shirt Designs on If you’re creative, then this is the best platform for your art ideas.  Sell graphics and cartoons for some fast cash.
  31. Be A Part Time Tour Guide: There are a few websites to help you plan your tour, which gives you a platform to book attendees.  Check them out.
  32. Deliver packages for Amazon and earn up to $25 per hour: Amazon Flex is an incredible delivery resource that asks you to deliver packages to many of their customers.
  33. Sell Scrap Metal For Instant Cash:  If you have steel, copper, aluminum, or any other metal laying around, then you could sell it to a scrap yard for immediate cash.
  34. Rent Your Clothes For Effortless Cash Flow: If your closet is busting out the seams with excess clothes, then you might want to try renting them for some additional cash.
  35. Sell Your Data for Cash: Believe it or not, what you do and don’t do online is something companies are willing to pay for.  So check out for some cash benefits for using the internet.
  36. Deliver Packages During Your Cross Country Trip: If you’re planning a cross country trip, make a few stops to drop off some packages for some spending money.
  37. Proofread Documents From Your Home: If you have an eye for grammar, then offer your services remotely for side hustle income.
  38. Help Brainstorm Great Names For Instant Cash: If you’re creative and a logophile, then check out NameStation for some side hustle opportunities.  

Share the wealth.  If you have some side hustle tips, suggestions, or proven methods, hit me up, and I’ll feature your experience to benefit the strivers and hustlers.