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The hot summer sun can put a good beating any coat of paint.  Which is why it’s important that you branch away from the cheap paint that sits on the bottom of the shelf.  I know it’s too easy to look at paint and think it all performs the same.  But in reality, each paint offers its own unique performance.  Some adhere better than others, while others have greater elongation, while others offer a greater chemical resistance.  Some paints can handle exterior environments, while others will amber and crumble with too much sun exposure.  And to persuade you even more, here’s some coupon that you can use in Sherwin William stores, to help guide you towards some of the better performing paints on the market.

But if you’re looking for some much needed guidance, here’s a quick run down of how to determine what to choose:

  • Exterior painting – avoid alkyd or oil based paints.  These paints don’t perform well under UV exposure.  Go for latex or acrylic paints.  They have excellent UV resistance.
  • If painting masonry, use a block filler to seal the pores and rigid surface.
  • If painting steel, consider an elastic paint so that it expands and contracts with the material.
  • If choosing a blue or purple color, expect to put 3 or 4 coats to get adequate coverage.
  • And use the proper nap.  Otherwise you could see roller marks, brush marks, painter holidays, and other types of paint failures.

So those are common pitfalls with paint, but certainly not the only ones to keep an eye out for.  And if you’re unsure, then you could even contact a professional commercial painter.  But beyond those conditions, a fresh coat of paint on an old house can do a lot to improve the mood of the home.  So take the time to look through interior decoration magazines so get great ideas on how paint and it’s different colors can alter the personal touch for the home.

But forget all that malarky.  Here’s the Sherwin Williams Coupons that you’ve been anticipating: