How to Change Coupon Zip Codes and Save More $$

zipcodeclearOne of the questions that I get a lot is how do you change your zip code through  I routinely find coupons that are regional at but it requires that you change your zip code in order to see and print them.  The easiest way to change your zip code is to access through my website (find a direct link here) and then enter your zip code in the box provided.  Then hit enter and you will see the available coupons number change.  The number of coupons available between different regions (zip codes) can be substantial.  For example. right now if you change the zip code to Seattle, WA (98101) you will see that there are (336) coupons available with a total available savings of $647.  Conversely, if you enter the zip code for Stafford, TX (77477) you will find that there are (383) coupons available  with a total available savings of $714.  That’s a $67 difference between those zip codes alone.  I personally find that the zip code 77477 almost always has the highest number of coupons available.

Another option is If you go directly to the website you can access regional coupons/offers by clicking on the ‘local’ tab at the top of the page.  Overall, I find it much easier to access regional coupon offers through a 3rd party link (like mine).  It is quick and I routinely search for new coupons between 6-10 different regions.

Happy hunting!

Jason the Coupon King

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