Here’s How I Turned A Lazy Sunday Morning into a $250 Profit Monster

craigs list side hustle

Culturally, Sundays are typically a day of rest.  But for me, it’s another day of opportunity.  So in typical side hustle fashion, I browsed Craig’s List for a menial labor gig, and stumbled across the mother of all gigs.

The gig was posted by a property manager.  And the tenants of 10 years had just vacated her property.  So she needed to get the place spruced up to post on the market.  So all she was asking was for the baseboards, ceiling fans, and windows be cleaned.  And she was offering $250.  I couldn’t believe it, because I knew this would be an easy gig.  It was so easy, I made a video:

If you don’t want to watch the video, here’s some details on the gig.

Firstly, I had to make a Walmart run to get some gloves and cleaning supplies (by the way, Walmart is better than Amazon, on every level).  The lady said that she had everything I needed, but I just wanted to make sure.  So I picked up some gloves, a bucket, and some Mr. Clean.  And when I got there, she didn’t have a bucket or gloves.  So keep that in mind when searching for gigs: make sure you show up prepared. 

Now, there were a total of 6 rooms to clean: the kitchen, dining room, living room, and (3) bedrooms.  It was all relatively easy.  There weren’t any baseboards that were excessively dirty.  The one bedroom looked like it had a child living in it, as suggested by the chocolate pudding smeared on the one wall.  But other than that, cleaning the baseboards, windows, and ceiling fans were fairly easy.

The Only Disgusting Part of This Craig’s List Gig…

Nothing from Craig’s List if peachy clean.  And this gig was no exception to that after-thought.  The last item the lady requested on her punch list was removing the carpet from the stair case.  And the carpet was solidly tacked and glued onto the floor.  And, smelled like cat piss.  The one thing I did not bring was a face mask.  The property owner’s son was at the site collecting some items.  I asked him, and luckily there were some face masks around.  Otherwise, I think I would have removed my shirt and wrapped it around my face.  

But thankfully, my shirt stayed in place.  But the carpet wanted to stay in place too.  I found a hammer on site that I used to pull the carpet from the substrate.  It was very difficult, dusty, and smelly.  I’m glad I had that face mask, because I’d be surprised if the tenants told me they had ever vacuumed the carpet.  

Overall, the gig put $250 in my pocket, for only 4 hours worth of work.  That factors out to $62.50 an hour, which is more than I make at my full time job.  Before leaving, I told the lady that if she ever needed any more help for any other properties, I’d be more than happy to help, and she could contact me anytime.