Here’s 4 Reason Why Walmart is Better Than Amazon

walmart is better than amazon

Here’s 4 Reason Why Walmart is Better Than Amazon

I may have just spoken internet heresy.  But I’m professing that Walmart is a better shopping option than Amazon.  And here’s why:

Sure, it’s impossible not to love Amazon.  They’re the ultimate ecommerce store, with millions of vendors, offering the same product, allowing every shopper to get a healthy dose of competition.  Additionally, our beloved Amazon has offered some legendary, homely necessities such as Amazon Prime, Amazon Pantry, Kindle, Echo, and a combination of many other features.

But even after considering all of those features, I’m still contending that Walmart, one of the most vilified stores in America’s capitalistic history, is a better shopping option than Amazon.  And here’s my evidence:

1. Walmart offers Free Shipping to any of their Stores

If you have Amazon Prime, then you can get free 2 day shipping on some products.  Not all products are shipped from Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and if you’r’e purchasing a product from one of their vendors outside the fulfillment centers, you won’t be able to get Prime perks.  So those merchants will charge you for shipping, regardless of your Prime membership.  So even though you coughed up $120 to get Amazon Prime for the year, you don’t always get free shipping.

So instead, Walmart offers free shipping on all of their items, without a membership.  But, that free shipping is to a store.  Which may sound irritating, because you’ll actually have to break the iron-clad seal protecting your from the virile sun.  But, Walmart has over 6300 big box stores.  So, even though you’ll have to leave your house.  There’s a chance it won’t have to be for too long, because you’re probably in close proximity to a Walmart.  And you may actually enjoy the fresh air.

And be advised.  Bring coupons with you.

Because Walmart has a very generous coupon policy.  So if you purchase an item off their website, and choose to pick up that item at their store, you can bring a coupon with you, and they will apply the coupon at the customer service center.  Amazon doesn’t do this.  Trying to coupon with Amazon is a waste of time.  But trying to coupon with Walmart is not a waste of time.

So even though Amazon gloats free 2 day shipping with Prime membership, Walmart offers free shipping to its stores, without membership.

2. Walmart’s Saving Spotter Chrome Extension

This one’s my favorite.  If you don’t have it, downloaded it. Here’s the link.   After you download the link, a Walmart icon will appear in your Chrome browser.  And then, maybe you’re shopping on Target or Amazon.  As you come across the product that you’re looking for, the Walmart Saving Spotter will alert you if you can get the item at a lower price on their website.  Here’s an example:

here's why walmart is better than amazon

So I was browsing this GoPro Hero5 Black on Amazon.  The Amazon price is $394.99.  But, because of my Walmart Saving Spotter, it alerts me with a bright blue bar at the top, that states I could buy the GoPro Hero5 Black on Walmart’s website for $387.95, which would be a $7.04 savings.

And this Walmart Saving Spotter works on every site.  And it works on more than high-end electronic devices.  You can find common, every day household items on Amazon Pantry, and get them for a lower price at Walmart.  Or if you’re shopping for industrial grade thermometers, maternity clothes, kitchen supplies, or anything else, Walmart’s destined to help you find the best price.

3. Walmart’s saving catcher app

Not to be confused with the Walmart Saving Spotter Chrome extension, the Walmart App has a Saving Catcher feature that offers a pretty impressive perk.

walmart is better than amazon

After you shop at Walmart, you’ll scan your receipt into the Saving Catcher.  And Walmart will scan the surrounding stores in your area, to see if any of the items you purchased are available for a lower price.  If the Saving Catcher finds a lower price in one of the surrounding stores, they will reimburse with the difference.

Example: if you buy a can of Spaghetti O’s for $1.50 at Walmart, but the Saving Catcher finds that the local grocery store is selling them for $1, the Saving Catcher will reimburse you for $0.50.

Now sure.  My $0.50 example isn’t that appetizing.  However, the theme of this blog is Saving Money is the same as Making Money.  So although saving $0.50 in 1 transaction isn’t too much, saving $0.50 in over 100 transactions can equal more than $50.  Which is what every parsimonious Jason Coupon patron is hunting for.

4. Walmart will Pick ad Pack your Order of Online Groceries for Free

It is what the titles says.  If you shop for your groceries on Walmart’s website, then they will pick and pack your groceries, without any additional charges.  The only catch is that you need to pick up the groceries that same day you order them.

here's why walmart is better than amazon

But aside from this incredible benefit that Walmart has over Amazon, it’s not offered on a national level, yet.  I entered my zip code, hoping to one of the lucky winners.  But sadly, my zip code does not have a participating Walmart (even though I have 3 super stores in my county!).  But I’m sure, as it’s popularity grows, Walmart will begin to push this feature to the additional stores it has spread throughout the nation.

Walmart certainly has its down side.  Going into the stores may not be the most pleasant experience.  Parking can be a nightmare, and checking out can be an even bigger hassle, especially when you learn that only a fraction of their check out lines have clerks.  And sure, some of their Great Value brands are not the most appetizing.

However, that shouldn’t be enough reason to dismiss shopping at Walmart over Amazon.  Amazon does not offer the best prices.  Nor do they offer the best service.  If you receive a Prime package past the the 2 day shipping, there’s no course of action you can take to try and remedy the situation.  And Amazon doesn’t even offer a majority of the items on their site.  They are a market place.  Meaning, that most of the items are being sold by some other outfit, who may be using misleading descriptions for specific items.

And to give Walmart another point over Amazon, they just acquired for a few billion dollars.  I wrote a My Dumb Luck article a few months ago, about how this guy scored a truck load of shares.  But besides this guy’s dumb luck, Walmart’s acquisition of Jet only proves further that Walmart is taking strategic strides and calculations to try and continue to improve their online presence, and ensure that they’re relevant within the bloody battleground of retail.

So don’t assume that the internet’s beloved retailer, Amazon, is the holy grail of cost effective shopping.  You can get greater deals at Walmart, and you can get better service at Walmart.  Although Amazon is making news and headway with a lot of fulfillment centers popping up everywhere, Walmart is the one with over 6300 store fronts and warehousing, that can easily reach the American population.

So ultimately, although Walmart isn’t the greatest in-store shopping experience, you shouldn’t write them off because you will get better deals at Walmart.