Have a Child Who Wets to Bed? This Tip Could Save You Hundreds $$



Like thousands of other children my 8 year old son is a chronic bed-wetter.  Despite trying so many things to help him have ‘dry’ nights he inevitably has accidents nearly every night.  Aside from the embarrassment that it causes him and the nuisance of daily laundry we have also found that it is has become an increase expense for the family.

For years we used Goodnite diapers to help keep him, and his bedding, dry but he has outgrown them and was embarrassed to wear them to bed.  We then switched to the Goodnites Bed Mats which peel and stick to the sheet mattress and provide a barrier to protect the bedding.  These worked good but we found that they were expensive (nearly $1 per mat), they were not reusable and he complained that they were not comfortable to sleep on.

About a year ago I found some medical grade bed mats on Amazon and we decided to give them a try.  We bought one to start with (they are $18.99 each) and we quickly learned that these were a much better and cheaper alternative than the previous bed mats we were using.  To start off with they are larger, covering more area of the bed and can be tucked under the mattress (perfect size for a twin sized bed).  Second, they are made of a softer material and are much more comfortable to lay on.  Third, they are reusable and can be machine washed.  We have been using them for a year and have they have not begun to break down (tear) and have not developed any lingering smell or odor.



The best part is that these have saved us hundreds over the past year.  We bought three of them ($60) and did not have to pay the $1 per night for a disposable bed mat.

If you are a family on a budget (like mine) then consider looking into these mats and also be sure to check out my family coupon website full of cost saving articles and links to the newest printable coupons: