GIANT Grocery Deal Alert – Simply Orange juice for only $1.90

Simply Orange Juice Coupon

Get Simply Orange juice for only $1.90 at Giant grocery stores with coupons.

I used to shop at Giant alot, until Aldi moved into town.  But every once and I while, I skirmish back into this grocery chain for some of the brands that I’ve come to appreciate!  And one of them is Simply Orange juice.  Judging by the picture, I selected the “pulp free” variety.  But I’m normally a pulpy kinda guy.  But my wife doesn’t like the “floaty things” that get stuck in her teeth.  So I try to be accommodating and buy the best the variety that keeps her happy, at the best value, which keeps me happy.  Everyone’s Happy!

So here’s the scoop:

  • Giant grocery store has Simply Orange juice on sale 2 for $6.  But luckily, you don’t need 2 for the deal.  So I bought (1) at $3.
  • I printed this coupon for $0.55 off Simply Orance juice.
  • Here’s the kicker: GIANT grocery stores DOUBLE the value of all manufacturer coupons.  So my $0.55 coupon acted as a $1.10 coupon.  So, apply that to the Simply Orange juice, and that’s how I saved nearly 49% off this delicious orange juice.