This Walmart App Will Cross-Check Prices For You

walmart saving catcher

Despite its Horror, Walmart Will Do The Price Checking For You

Despite the horrifying reality that you’ll have to enter the premises, Walmart does has a reputation for being the cheapest around.  And when you use these Walmart scannable coupons, you might find out that’s not always the case. Rather than running around to different stores, however, you can install a simple app on your phone which will cause Walmart to price match their products when you’re in their store with credit at their stores.

How The Saving Catcher Works

You can submit up to seven receipts per week to the app and it will automatically scan the retail stores in your area in order to determine the prices of the items you’ve purchased. Once this is done, you can receive your rewards if Walmart was running any higher prices.

Obviously, the ad must be valid at the time of your purchase at Walmart.

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It will even match coupons like buy one get one free in some instances as long as a price is included in the offer. This can make for some pretty significant extra money if you’re smart about things while making your purchases.

It won’t match some offers though. These include things like buying one item to get money off on another item, deals which are percentages off, clearance items, and a few other exceptions. For the most part, however, as long as a price is clearly mentioned then you’ll be able to receive that money back as credit.

Keep in mind this also only applies to local sales from the store, you can’t use this app for an online purchase directly from Walmart’s site.

Redeeming the Savings

While it’s not actually “savings” what you do receive is Walmart credit which can be used at the store or online depending on how you redeem things. You can have credit added to your Walmart Bluebird card if you have one, or you can directly redeem things as an eGift card.

For most of us it’s preferable to use the Bluebird card, and it’s a pretty good deal in most instances anyways if you’re looking for a prepaid card.

Let’s Step Things Up

Now, this system doesn’t lend itself to quite as much abuse as one would think but it can be exploited in a variety of ways to maximize your Walmart credit.

For instance, if you know for a fact that a local grocery store is selling an item for $2.00 while Walmart is selling it for $3.00 and you have a coupon which will save you $.50 on the item you’ll still be credited for the full price difference despite your use of the coupon. Since Walmart allows for multiple uses of the same coupon during a purchase, you can actually generate a little bit of wiggle room with some wise applications like this.

You can definitely exploit the buy one, get one free credit with some careful use. The only issue there is that the ad must clearly state the cost of the item. For instance, if you were to purchase an item that cost $3 at Walmart, was $3.50 at a competitor’s store but had an ad for buy one, get one free that was clearly marked you’ll be credited the $.50 for the difference and the $3.50 for the buy one get one.

Exploiting this application might seem a bit shifty, but it’s not quite as easy as we make it sound. You’ll have to put in the work yourself, going over ads and determining where you can shift things around in order to maximize your rewards.

For someone with the time and frugal mindset, however, this app can be a game-changer that will allow you to save a whole bunch of money but it will definitely require processing some information. For the rest of us, well, a couple of extra bucks here and there certainly never hurt anyone so if you’re a frequent Walmart shopper you’re definitely doing yourself a disservice by not having this app on your phone.