Get Happy With These 3 Walmart Scannable Coupons

walmart scannable coupons

Put Money Back In Your Pockets When Your Print These Walmart Scannable Coupons

Shopping at Walmart doesn’t have to be agonizing, especially when you have coupons for their already low priced items.  So here’s (3) new scannable coupons that you can use exclusively at Walmart.

Print This $1 Walmart Scannable Coupon for Right Guard Xtreme Deodorant 

Your pits stink.  So shove some antipersperant in there.  Right Guard Xtreme deodorant is the perfect solution to block your odors, and your sweat, keeping your arms pits dry, and odor free.  So put down your fears when you raise your arms, knowing that your fresh scent won’t knock out anyone in your proximity.

Print This $2 Walmart Scannable Coupon for Glade Jar Candles 

Ok, so maybe your out of control armpit odor has conquered your house.  If that’s the case, it may be time for a new course of action.  Give Glade’s Jar Candles a shot, when you light their wick, and fill your domicile with aromatic odors of some outdoor wilderness.  And when you stack this Walmart coupon with their already low prices, you can shop happy knowing that you’re maximizing your savings.

Print This $1 Walmart Scannable Coupon for Simply Potatoes

So if you’re trying to improve your personal hygiene, and trying to improve the scent of your home, then it may be assumed that you’re about to have company.  So, then you’re probably expected to cook some dinner.  And after I’ve made all these assumptions, here’s a $1 coupon for Simply Potatoes.  They may not be the full meal, but you’ll certainly want an appetizer with whatever main dish you serve.  So stack this coupon with Walmart’s already low prices to maximize your savings.

Walmart’s Coupon Policy

Walmart’s coupon policy leaves more to be desired.  They have some interesting features, but they’re missing some very important features that other retailers offer.  And the biggest feature that they don’t offer is stackable coupons.  You cannot stack a Walmart coupon with a manufacturer coupon.  There are plenty of retailers that allow you to stack a store-coupon with a manufacturer coupon.  And that can stack up your savings very quickly.  But aside from that, they do honor coupon overages.  Meaning, if you’re able to accumulate more value in your coupons, than what the product is actually worth, then Walmart will pay you the difference.  And not a lot of retailers offer that.  So despite their coupon short comings, there are still plenty of opportunities to save.  And that’s how you put money back in your pocket.