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Have you ever had a cankering for some fresh cooked crickets?  How about some zesty worms to eat your garbage.  If you’re like everyone else, then these are probably common symptoms.  So take a trip to The Critter Depot.  There you can find crickets, red wigglers, euro nightcrawlers, mealworms, and more.

Crickets can be hard to find, except when searching the web.  When you find a supplier on the internet, you’ll want to make sure that they offer guaranteed live delivery.  Because there is nothing worse than getting dead crickets or worms in your mailbox.  Not to mention that your post office will be very dissatisfied with your decision.

But crickets have proven to be a good source of protein and fiber.  Compared to cows, they are a more efficient source of protein, as they don’t need to eat as much as cattle.  But, if yo’re not considering eating crickets, which I suppose is understandable, then you could certainly consider them for your leopard geckos or your bearded dragons.

Now, if you’re into composting, then try our red wigglers.  They are voracious, and can consume about half their body weight per day.  Not only do they eat a lot, but they are rapid breeders, doubling their population once every three months.

And, if you’re looking for something to either fish with, or to aerate your lawn or garden, then the euro nightcrawlers are going to be the best option.  They measure out to be about 2-4 inches in length, and are almost as thick as a pencil.  They are strong enough to break the earth, and can burrow up to 4 feet below the surface.  They are excellent aerators, and can also be considered excellent bait worms.