Fruit Loops Cereal .75 off Printable Coupon – Nice Doubler!

fruit loops printable coupon

Fruit Loops Cereal .75 off Printable Coupon – Nice Doubler!

Put Money Back In Your Pocket When You Print This $0.75 Kellogg’s Fruit Loops Coupon

Sometimes you want a big, fruity bowl of inner tubes for your breakfast.  And Kellogg’s Fruit Loops can fulfill that desire.  But do you ever wonder what’s inside those crunchy loops?  I do not, but that’s because eat the junk (oatmeal loyalist).  But for those that do glorify this bowl of fruity goodness, let it be known that the most common ingredient is sugar.  Yes, on the label, sugar is the first ingredient listed (which indicates it’s the most prominent).  And there’s also whole grain corn and wheat flour, vegetable oil, and some other ingredients that complete this colorful product’s DNA.

But regardless of what you find in the bowl, rest easy knowing that you these Kellogg Fruit Loop coupons can boost some sense of satisfaction.

And here’s Kellogg Fruit Loop Strategy…

So a $0.75 coupon are what dreams are made of.  Your first order of motion is finding a grocery outlet that doubles manufacturer coupons.  Most grocery stores “claim” to double coupons.  But read that fine print carefully.  Because a few grocery stores that boast this claim, may cap the total value to $1.00.  So at those places, this “doubled” $0.75 coupon would max out at $1.00.  But, if you find the correct location to shop at, then you can get $1.50 for this coupon.

But don’t stop there.  $1.50 is a nice saving, especially for a $4 box of cereal.  But, if you’re patient and practice the nimble movements and shopping habits of a ninja, then you can save even more.  You’ll want to wait for an in-store promotion, or an in-store coupon to be made available.  Because when it’s made available, you can stack your doubled manufacturer coupon with the in-store coupon or promotion.  So not only will you save $1.50, but you’ll stack your savings with the in-store savings.

But before you start rolling in fruit loop glory, make sure you the read your store’s coupon policy.  Some stores won’t stack coupons.  While others, may limit the overall value of your savings.  You never know what sneaky addendum they’re going to shove in there.  So be on top of your coupon game.  And that’s how you put money back into your pocket.


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