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Check Out These Great Coupon MatchUps For Food Lion Grocery Store

Food Lion’s Lame Coupon Policy

Food Lion is a great place to shop for groceries.  They offer fresh produce, excellent cuts of meat, and they keep their prices low so that you can stretch your dollar even further.  But although they have a great shopping experience, and food selection, their coupon policy is lacking in the same quality.  I’ve seen more generous and flexible coupon policies, and other policies that allow you to put more money back in your pocket.  Here are the top 3 coupon let-downs that Food Lion’s Coupon Policy is lacking:

  1. Food Lion Does Not Double Manufacturer Coupons

    It’s true.  Food Lion is a grocery store that does not double manufacturer coupons.  I don’t know why they don’t do it.  Nor do I feel good about it.  All I know is when I find a tempting grocery store coupon for $0.99 or less, I get the urge to shop at Giant or Weis Markets, and not Food Lion.

  2. Food Lion does Not Stack Coupons

    Again, another huge coupon-foul.  Every couponing guru knows that stacking coupons is the latest and greatest way to put money back in your pocket.  Stacking in-store coupons with manufacturer coupons is a staple in the coupon community.  Any store that discourages, or bluntly denies this coupon strategy is simply discouraging price-savvy shoppers from every entering their store.  And maybe that’s good for their bottom line, but it’s not good for a couponing family that likes to stretch the value of their dollar.

  3. Food Lion Does Not Accept FREE Coupons

    So here’s a head-scratcher.  If you ever find a coupon for a FREE item on our coupon gallery, or through Redplum, or any other coupon offering services, then you should be forewarned that you will not be able to use it at Food Lion.  Food Lion has gone completely rogue, and is denouncing the privilege of couponing aficionados, for their hard work and ability to dig deep for those coupons that will help stretch their budgets.

If you don’t believe, read Food Lion’s Coupon Policy word for word.

If you’ve ever wondered why you don’t see many coupon-tales of families saving big from Food Lion, this coupon policy from hell should clear things up a little bit.   Everything else is standard.  You need to comply word for word with the demands on the coupon.  And you need to get the exact size and the exact amount for the coupon to take effect.  But it’s just disappoint to known that in this day and age, that there are still stores unwilling to go toe to toe with the demands and expectations of families that like to shop and save for the benefit of their pocket.

But I will point out, that although Food Lion’s Coupon Match-up is subpar, they do state in their policy that they are willing to accept competitor coupons (but this isn’t applicable at all locations).  But again, they’re pushing the envelope for strict demands, stating that the only competitor coupons that will be accepted are mentioned on the front door.  So show up with a magnifying glass.  Because as we all know, every product, ad, and display is stacked from ceiling to floor at the entrance of any grocery store.  So good luck find it.  And if you do, then you can know that you’re competitor coupons will atleast be honored.  But they won’t be stacked with other coupons.  And if the competitor coupon is free, then it won’t be honored anyway.  So either use it as toilet paper, or use it at the competitor’s location.

And now that you’re good and fired up to shop at Food Lion, consider these bogus Food Lion coupons that you won’t be able to stack or double.