Flipping Chronicles: Any Good Deals At Sports Authority?

sports authority liquidation deals

When Will There Be Good Deals At Sports Authority?

Flipping is a game of patience and persistence.  You need to have a good source for inexpensive, quality merchandise, such as Salvation Army deals, Yard Sales, Craig’s List, and anywhere else that’ll offer great deals.  But you have to hunt.  You need to have a sense for value, and an understanding for what resale value so you can flip quickly.  Legos are a popular item, which I buy on the low and sell during Christmas.  I have a secret supplier for inexpensive Legos, which I’ll share in a few months.

And liquidation sales are a great opportunity to get good items at low cost.  The problem is that everyone knows this is a good source.  So you’ll be dealing with lots of competition to secure the inexpensive items.  But not only are you competing against other consumers, you’re also dealing against the store.  And in this case, the store is Sports Authority.  Do stores exploit their losing-customer base?  Do they ramp up their prices for items, knowing that consumers have a pre-conceived notion that store’s items will automatically be less expensive, because of the big “GOING OUT OF BUSINESS” signs?  Or, are there legitimate deals to be during the first few weeks, when the shelves are still stacked with good merchandise?  Four days after the Sports Authority liquidation sale went down, I strolled through the store, and documented prices for specific items.  Then I went home, and compared those prices with the same items I found on Amazon.  And needless to say, the results were telling:

Sports Authority Liquidation Prices as of May 29th, 2016

(click image for larger display)

sports authority liquidation prices

Looking through the chart, you can see that between 12 items, half of them are a good deal right now at Sports Authority, if you compare it only to prices on Amazon.  Of course, if you look around the web, you could find the item less expensive through another source.  But to keep it simple for you and I, I stuck with Amazon.  Something else that was interesting, was that Sports Authority does have some of these items listed on their website, and listed for different prices than what the store is listing.  So, be aware, if you think you find a good deal at the store, check their website, just in case.

And one other interesting observation was that not all their items were on sale.  Baseball, swim suits, some outdoor gear, and other merchandise were not onsale.  My guess is that those activities are in season, and Sports Authority thinks they can still bring home premium bacon for those items.  Well, I’ll be waiting like a hawk for those baseball bats to go down in cost.  But, here are the details for the items that I documented at Sports Authority, and what that item would cost on Amazon.

– Microsoft Band 2 & FitBit Charge HR

fitness trackers sports authority

May 29th, 2016 –  I’ve been keeping a close eye on fitness trackers.  As a former gym-rat, I still have a heavy interest in personal fitness.  So these fitness trackers are one of my top targets during Sports Authority’s liquidation.  Right now, as of May 29th, they are listed at 10% off, which comes out to $225 for the Microsoft Band 2, and $135 for the FitBit Charge HR.  However, regardless of the discount, you can still find them cheaper on Amazon.

– SA Gear 300 lb Weight Set with Bar

sports authority liquidation weights

May 29th 2016 – As I declared above, I am a former gym-rat.  But because I no longer have time to spend 2 hours a day at the gym, every day, I brought the gym home.  So I’m also keeping a close eye on the weights, and other gym gear.  But not because I need it for my personal weight set (I have over 600 lbs in weights and a bench and squat rack), but because getting weights at discount is a good flipping opportunity.  So, I’m keeping an eye on these, not for personal gains, but for financial gain opportunity.  Now, Sports Authority’s weights are listed at 10% off, which prices the 300 lb weight set at about $225.  When compared to the other prices on Amazon, this looks to be a great deal.  But, I know I’ve gotten 300 lb weight set for as low as $160 on Amazon during the holidays, so I’m willing to wait longer for a better deal.

– Leatherman Supertool, Coleman 8 Person Montana Tent, and Stack-On 14 Gun Safe

camping gear sports authority liquidation    

May 29th, 2016 –  Sports Authority does have a respectable collection of outdoor gear.  They offer Leathermans, tents, and gun safes.  So, while browsing, I took notice to the Leatherman immediately.  They are a popular flipping item, especially on ebay, and if you get the Supertool for a good price, you can make a pretty hefty profit.  With the 10% discount, Sports Authority prices the Leatherman Super Tool 300 at $54, which is a good price, compared to what’s available on Amazon.  The Coleman 8 person Montana Tent is priced at $152.99, which isn’t so great.  But the Stack-On 14 Gun Safe is 10% off, which brings it to $450, which is the best price you’ll get in town.  I’m no gun guru, so I’m not sure if a gun safe with that price will move quickly.

– Spalding Basketball, Head Extreme Tennis Racquet, and TaylorMade Gold Club

sporting good sports authority liquidation

May 29th, 2016 –  I’m always up for a pick-up game of basketball or golf, and my wife’s a former collegiate tennis MVP.  So, we have a bunch of sports equipment around the house, and are never shy about buying a bargain.  So when I was browsing, I was pretty startled to see how expensive Sports Authority had jacked up the price for their basketballs.  A standard Spalding Maximum Performance adult sized basketball was marked at $60, and with the 20% off, brings the cost down to $48, which is a terrible deal, considering what the cost is on Amazon for the same ball.  The Head Tennis Racquet proved to be a good price at $80 after discount, and the TaylorMade SLDR Driver was also a good price, discounted at $135.

– Merrell Hiking Shoes, Teva Sandals, and Under Armour Flip Flops

running shoes sports authority liquidation

May 29th, 2016 – I do enjoy a good pair of outdoor shoes, and am a frequent buyer of Merrell shoes.  So seeing that Sports Authority is offering 20% off their Moab Ventilators, I was eager to see how their discounted price of $87.99 stacked up, and it’s pretty on par with Amazon’s prices.  So, it’s not a buy just yet.  The Teva sandals did well, though, pricing out at $58 after the 10% discount, while the Under Armour Flip Flops are still over priced, when compared to Amazon.

Overall, there are some good deals available, and there are some deals waiting to be had. Buying now could prove valuable for you, as a consumer. But if you’re looking for items to flip on Ebay or Craig’s List, then you’ll need to wait longer. Because these deals aren’t low enough yet for you to make a profit. Stay tuned as I update the pricing and inventory during Sports Authority’s Liquidation Days, as they shell all of their merchandise and shelving units for low-ball prices.