Flipping Chronicles: Any Good Deals At Sports Authority? Part 2

sports authority liquidation deals

When Will There Be Good Deals At Sports Authority?

Quick Answer: Never.  Don’t Waste Your Time

Back on May 29th, 2016, I documented some notes, products, prices, and current discounts at the beginning stages of Sports Authority’s liquidation.  It appeared promising because they had a nice selection of products.  But their liquidation discounts at that time weren’t anything too exciting.  If you look at this spreadsheet, you can see that even with their liquidation discounts, you could still find most of the item for less on Amazon.

Spreadsheet Reflects May 29th Prices

sports authority liquidation prices

But it was still the early phase of the liquidation.  So, although I was disappointed in the present deals, I new there was more time to score some great savings.

Fast forward to July 1st, 2016…

So I went back to Sports Authority to see where their savings are at.  They have signs that say you can get up to 50% off some items.  But, that was practically bait, because I only saw 1 item (treadmills and stationary bikes) that were 50% off.  Everything else was 30% off.  So, I wanted to follow up on the items I saw the last time I was there.  But most of them were gone.  The store was already picked through, and a mess.  So I thought that their discounts must have been pretty good.  But I was wrong.

There were 2 items remaining from my original trip: the TaylorMade Men’s SLDR C Driver, and the Merrell Moab Ventilator.  The TaylorMade driver was marked at 30% off.  I thought that was good, until I saw that the offer price was now $199.99:

sports authority liquidation sports authority liquidation deals

The basee price for this golf club at the end of May was $149.99, with a 10% liquidation discount, bringing the cost down to$134.99.  Which was a better deal than what was available on Amazon.  But now, since Sports Authority jacked the price up the base price to $200, the new price comes out to $140, which is still better than Amazon.  But it’s worst than the price that was available in May.

Then, there are the Merrell Moab shoes.  Back in the end of May, the Merrell Moab hiking shoes were marked at $109.99, and offered at 10% off.  So this was a pretty nice deal at $87.99.  So now, on my 2nd trip to Sports Authority, the price for the Merrell Shoes was jacked up to $129.99, a $20 price increase.  So when you take 30% off, they’re $91.  So once again, because of the jacked up prices, Sports Authority neutralizes any opportunity to score a great deal.

sports authority liquidation deals

So, although I was initially excited for the opportunity to find quality items to flip for profit, I have since become skeptical.  I know I’m not the only one hunting for good items at great discounts.  So for anyone thinking this could be a good opportunity, think again, and know that you’re most likely going to get a better deal on Amazon or even Walmart.