F*CK Debt – Here’s How To Fight For Your Financial Freedom

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Fight Your Way To Financial Freedom With These Debt-Pounding Tactics

Get off your butt, sassafras!  Your debt is locking you down, and stopping you from fulfilling your recreational dreams.  You used to be interesting, outgoing, and sociable.  But now you’re a dormant dweller, fearing bills, and flipping cushions for coins.  Get out of that couch and fight!  

Don’t you deserve better?  Where’s that internal fire?  Where’s that motivation and excitement?  It’s time to extinguish this debt-coffin that’s burried your soul.  It’s time to grab these debt payments by the horns, and earn back your freedom.  

Are you ready?  Let’s go…

  1. Earn More Money: I’m a man of many side hustles.  And I earn an additional $18,000 per year just from hustling.  I’ve taken many side hustle forms, but here are my favorite ways to earn extra money:
    1.  Drop ship websites and blogs have been the most lucrative.  I earn over $1000 per month from them alone, and they require the least amount of time.  Here are some detailed instructions on how to start a drop-ship website, or start profitable blog.  But if you’re not saavy with the internet, then check out all my other side hustles.  
  2. Ditch the Car:
    1. Do you realize how overpriced new cars are?  By my calculations, your car should cost you less than $0.20 per mile.  And if you have no idea what your car is costing you per mile, then punch your digits into my car-cost-calculator.  If you’re over $0.20, then you need to reconsider EVERYTHING.
    2. If ditching the car isn’t an option, then atleast consider more vehicular dormancy.  Less usage means less miles.  And if you drive less miles, then you can switch to this car insurance, which only charges you per mile.  So this could be a viable option.
    3. But if dormancy isn’t an option, then consider minimum insurance coverage for your car.  But this applies only if you have the right type of car.  Check out this article if you’re not sure how to weigh out your options.
  3. Increase your Paycheck by Adjusting your W-4:
    1. This one drives me bonkers.  Why the hell are you giving the government more money?  Because if your W9 is taking out too much for your taxes, you’re essentially giving big Gov an interest free loan.  Are any of your loans interest free?  No, they’re not.  So see what adjustments you should make to get more out of your paycheck.
  4. Consolidate or Refinance student loans:
    1. Yes, there’s a difference.  But regardless of that difference, either option can help.  Check it out.
  5. Learn how to evaluate stocks:
    1. So, you might not be ready to invest just yet.  But learning how to invest takes time.  So while you’re finding ways to get your hands on more cash to suffocate your debt, learn how to evaluate stocks.  Because when you have no more debt to pay off, you’ll have a surplus of cash that you’ll want to earn your more money.  

That’s a good paving ground for eliminating your debt.  And there’s many other things you could be doing, like couponing, planning your meals to eliminate impulse buys, comparing prices for needed items, and even utilizing dumb-luck to score necessities.  

So don’t read this like it’s the only way to do it.  But this is how I did it, and this is how I’ve eliminated my debt so I can enjoy my earnings, doing activities I want to do.  It’s not easy, but it’s worth the effort.  

Good luck.