Easy Trick to Organizing Your Coupon Store Rewards Cards

coupon rewards cards


Today it seems as if nearly every major retail store has it’s own form of ‘rewards’ card that must be scanned in order to get sale pricing.  I know that I have a wallet full of them and at times it is a major nuisance to find my card in order to have it scanned at checkout.  Thankfully some stores now allow you to enter your phone number in order to find your account number but not all.

The solution is actually rather easy.  What I have been doing is taking a picture of the back of each rewards card (the side of the card with the bar code) and saving them in a folder on my cell phone named ‘reward cards’ and labeling each one according to the store name.  This way I can quickly access my rewards card through my cell phone by pulling up the picture and the clerk can scan the bar code at the checkout.  No more rifling through my wallet as my kids inevitably start to fight with each other just to make the moment that much more enjoyable.

So, how do you keep track of your rewards cards?


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