Earn Side Hustle Money By Testing Websites

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Side Hustle As A Website Beta-Tester

User Testing, Inc. is a website that hires people to review websites. This allows their clients to gather data on how the website performs for the end-user and what they think of it. The rate is pretty attractive, $10 for around twenty minutes of your time, and if you think you have the skills required for it then you’ll have found a pretty solid side-hustle.

What You’ll Be Doing

You’ll be given a specific set of things to try on a website, then be paid to record your thoughts on it. You’ll need a mic to do this since you’re required to record your thoughts out loud as the process goes on.

The idea is that you’ll be helping companies fix problems with their websites, whether it’s items not appearing in a cart properly on a shopping website or other minor flaws which might show up while you’re browsing the site itself.

There are also opportunities to do pretty much the same thing with apps, using them in ways that might cause issues in the programming in order to help sort out bugs and frustration as time goes on.

Essentially, you’re helping companies to make sure that their end-users enjoy a better experience. You’ll love it if you’re the type who often finds themselves scratching their heads while looking at stupid flaws on websites and wondering why no one ever does anything about them.

For the most part, your tasks will be fairly simple, and a lot of what you’re doing is providing feedback to the website to let them know what you think. In this instance, your opinion might matter quite a bit.

What Will I Be Reviewing?

When you sign up you’ll find that you can’t just take any task. Instead, you’ll be assigned tasks based on your demographic. This helps the companies to find out what their target demographic thinks and lets them avoid people who are going to hate the site regardless.

They freely admit it’s not going to make you rich, but you can definitely earn a significant amount of additional income by doing it and that’s what you’re after, right?

How Does Payment Work?

Thankfully, payment with the site is a breeze. Once you complete the task you’ll receive ten dollars in your PayPal account in exactly seven days. The company needs the week to review the information and make sure that it’s legit.

Signing Up

The sign-up process is fairly straightforward. Fill out an application with your information, submit a sample test, and you’ll be approved pretty quickly. As soon as you’re approved you can start taking on tasks in order to add that extra income you need.

They’re looking for people from pretty much everywhere, so it’s not location limited like a lot of side-gigs.

You’ll need a PC, a way to download their testing software, and a solid internet connection as well as a mic in order to complete their tests and that’s it. Most of us shouldn’t have any issues with those items, especially if you’re looking at online side gigs already.


User Testing, Inc. offers a decent amount of cash for simple tasks. Once you find yourself in the swing of things doing just a couple of them a day can help you to bring in over a hundred dollars a week. Not only will you be doing that, you’ll be helping the company’s clients avoid some of the largest pitfalls around websites which will feel good as well. Give it a shot if you have some spare time and you might be surprised.