Earn Some Side Hustle Cash With This Online Jury Duty


Ejury : Online Jury Duty

Make Some Side Money With Ejury.com

Let’s face the facts, we can all use a little bit of extra money and any way to do so from home is definitely a blessing. If you’re looking for a little bit of extra change for your coffee during the workweek, you might have found something great at www.ejury.com

What is It?

Ejury allows lawyers to “pre-try” their case in front of an audience in order to fine tune their defense strategies before going to court. While a normal court room consists of only twelve jurors, these practice trials use around fifty in order to get a wide variety of opinions.

They’re pretty good about their selection process, and don’t try cases for both sides as it would represent a conflict of interest. For the person looking to make a little bit of money though, you’ll be signing up as one of the fifty jurors assigned to a case in order to help these attorneys figure out what they need to do in the court room.

Who Qualifies?

Most people should be able to qualify for this opportunity. The requirements list is simple, and as follows:

  • You have to be at least 18 years of age
  • You have to be a United States citizen
  • You have to be of “sound mind and good character”
  • You’ll have to be literate in English
  • You can’t have been convicted of a felony at any time
  • You can’t be under indictment for any theft charges.

In addition to the above, you’ll have to take an “Oath” which covers the following special prerequisites to partake in this opportunity:

  • You cannot be a practicing attorney, paralegal, or legal assistant.
  • You cannot be employed by or associated with a law firm.
  • You cannot be married to or directly related to a practicing attorney
  • You cannot be employed as an insurance adjustor, or associated with liability claims.

Provided you fulfill all of the above requirements, eJury operates their trials in all 50 states and has some special “panels” for highly populated areas in each. From there it’s just a matter of waiting to be selected for a trial and participating.

How Much Does it Pay?

You won’t be making a real living off of these trial reviews, but you’ll receive between $5 and $10 per case, depending on the length of the case.

All payments will be made via Paypal, making it quick and easy to receive your money rather than having to wait for a check to arrive in the mail or some other nonsense. The cases seem to average at about 35 minutes per so it works out to a bit above minimum wage provided you can find a few to do in a row.

Your first few cases will probably take a little bit of extra time as you get acquainted with the legal terminology and the system itself but in the end it’s up to you to decide on the verdict.

The real problem is with the limited availability of the cases since not all lawyers will use the service. You should be able to take on at least one or two a week though if you’re in a highly populated area.


If you’re interested in the justice system at all, it can be a great way to kill a little bit of time on the weekends and make some money which makes it a win-win for you all the way around. The process is simple and easy, and the opportunity is there if you want to take it.

Whether you’re looking to kill some time or have a genuine interest in the legal process, give it a shot. An extra few bucks a month can’t hurt, and you just might have a little bit of fun doing it.

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