Here’s How You Can Earn Google Play Credit – For Free

earn google play credit

Get Free Google Play Credit With Google Opinion Rewards

For those of us with an app addiction, the costs can add up quite quickly. If you’re looking for an easy way to subsidize some of your purchases, Google has set up a program where you’ll receive credit in the store for answering some simple surveys. Your opinion counts, and it can help you save money for games and other useful applications for your Android phone.

How To Earn Your Google Play Credits

The first thing you’ll need to do is register an account with Google Opinion Rewards, if you already have a Google account this is a remarkably simple process all you’ll need to do is install the app and you’re good to go.

Your phone will receive notifications when there’s a new survey available, and you’ll just need to answer a few questions in order to get your credits. The amount of credit you’ll receive varies, depending on the survey in question and can run from ten cents or so to over a dollar. Since you can do it anywhere, this can really start to add up over time.

There is a limited amount of surveys available, however, and this can lead to some confusion for someone not familiar with the platform. The surveys from day to day will vary based on your demographic information and how responsive you are to taking the new surveys as they roll in. Essentially, the more often you give your opinion, the more they’ll ask for it.

Some people have complained about not receiving any surveys for prolonged periods, but a Google employee working for the program confirmed on Reddit that the primary factors are answering honestly and responding quickly when a notification comes up are the best ways to ensure a steady stream of surveys and increase your earnings.

You’ll need to be a bit careful since there will be occasional questions which are placed to make sure you’re actually paying attention and not just clicking through as rapidly as possible or using a bot.

What to Do With Your Google Play Credits

The credit is attributed directly to your Google Play account and can be used to purchase anything within the store including apps, games, books, and movies. You’ll be able to spend it quite easily since the app and the store are integrated in order to make a smooth experience for you. There is only one primary restriction, you can’t use the credits to purchase books or magazines from Spain and Germany.

This is great for those who consume a lot of media or find themselves buying more apps and games than they can really afford. If you spend a little bit of time with it while you’re not doing anything else you’ll find the rewards can really add up and subsidize or replace the amount you spend on stuff for your phone.

What Are The Surveys?

The way this app works is this: someone pays Google to host a survey, and it gets passed on to the relevant demographics. This can include actual researchers or those interested in consumer responses for commercial purposes, and they’ll receive your data anonymously for their own purposes.

This leads to a wide range of different surveys to partake in, so each one is sure to be different. As long as you have a bit of time and are quick to respond, you’ll soon receive a significant stream of credit which you can use for your own purposes.


If you’re using an Android phone, then you should definitely be using this app. Heavy phone users will obviously benefit more than those who primarily use their device as a phone, but free apps are free apps and you never know what you might want in the future. Take a look, it’s simple, easy, and a great way to save a bit of cash.