My Dumb Luck: My Salvation Army offers 50% on Wednesdays

my dumb luck salvation army

Forget Macy’s.  I bought a whole wardrobe for only $11 at Salvation Army

I can almost hear your ill-conceived judgments.  But hear me out.  Clothes are over priced.  Seriously.  We have machines to pick cotton.  And someone overseas is earning $0.15 an hour to stitch your shirt and trousers.  So why are you dropping $50 for a pair of slacks?  That economy of scale is just too radical for me to swallow.  So I refuse to buy clothes from a department store.  Not even Walmart’s $14 pair of Wranglers are fairly priced.

So I’d like to pay homage to my local Salvation Army.  And it all began while I was painting our living room.

I’m currently in the process of dolling up our house.  My wife is pregnant with our 3rd child, and soon enough I’ll be housing too many people in our 2 bedroom house.  So I’m painting the walls, doing what minimal repairs I can make, to try and justify every extra $100 I can get out of the sale.  But I have a history of not taking care of my clothes.  Especially when doing chores, like painting.  And my existing pair of Docker khaki’s was on the receiving end of a wet paint brush, which means I can no longer wear them to the office.  Which also means I don’t have anything else to wear to the office, because I commonly survive off 1 pair of pants.

Knowing that I need some clothes, and knowing that I refuse to shop in a department store, I take a night trip to my local Salvation Army.  I live in a quasi-affluent area.  Which means that the men’s clothes being donated are typically straight from the department store, the source I loathe.  But I don’t loathe the product.  Department store products are actually very nice, and there’s plenty of them to choose from.  They aren’t stained or tattered rags.  They’re well kept, name-brand items such as Calvin Klein khakis, or Ralph Lauren polo’s.  And the jeans are name brand too.

my dumb luck salvation army

And look at all the clean options!  I’m a common size.  So it’s not difficult finding a pair that fits.  But nevertheless, as I’m looking for jeans, I also come across long sleeve shirts and fleece jackets.

But aside from the great price and options, shopping on Wednesdays is the best time, because Salvation Army offers 50% off their merchandise.

salvation army 50% off

So here’s the run down of what I got, and what I paid:

  • (1) pair of Dockers Khakis – paid $3
  • (1) long sleeve polo shirt – paid $2.50
  • (1) pair of Dockers corduroy pants – paid $3
  • (1) long sleeve polo shirt with inline sleeves – paid $2.50

Overall, I got a nice upgrade to my wardrobe for only $11.  And here I am rocking some of the new threads:

salvation army outfit