My Dumb Luck #1: 15,000 BTU Air Conditioner for $120

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My Dumb Luck #1: 15,000 BTU Air Conditioner for $120

This summer has been hot as hell.  And I’m glad I was able to find this excellent air conditioner for such a great price.  This Air Conditioner is a Frigidaire model, 15,100 BTU window unit.  It cools down 815 square feet of space, which has turned my house into an igloo.  And as you can see in the link, it retails for $400 brand spankin’ new.  But because of my dumb luck, I was able to get it for $120, which comes out to 70% off.

Here’s My Dumb Luck Story…

Coincidentally, I had been looking around for an air conditioner online.  I found this one, and actually purchased it.  If you read the details, this AC unit only has 10,000 BTU’s, which is only 66% of what my dumb luck offers.  But it’s significantly cheaper than a 15,000 BTU unit, so I went with the smaller AC.  I whipped out my credit card, purchased it, and went about my merry business.

The next day, I’m driving home.  It’s a Saturday, and it just happens to be the Saturday in May that my neighborhood allows free yard sales.  And as I’m driving home, I look to my left, and see the neighbor across the street selling the the Frigidaire model with a big beautiful sticker that says $120.  I rush over, and ask him about it.  He tells me he bought it last year, but he’s selling it because his house has central air (he moved into this house about 7 months prior).  He plugs it in, and it works instantly.  So I give him some cash, and I wheel it home.  Hours later, after I turn my house into an igloo, I cancel my Walmart order, and relax, knowing that I bought a more powerful AC unit for a fraction of the cost.

And this is how my dumb luck has contributed to my pursuit of financial freedom.

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