Dole Fruit Jars 1.25 off Printable Coupon – 2017

dole fruit cup coupon

Save $1.25 With These Dole Fruit Cup Coupons

Put money back in your pocket when you print this $1.25 Dole Fruit Jar Coupon.

There’s no denying the power of fruit.  It has vitamins and minerals.  It provides the nutrients and sustenance that everything with a body needs.  And additionally, the fruit tastes great.  But one minor set back is their cost.  Fresh fruit can be more cost effective (especially when you buy it at a farmer’s market).  But Then you have to peel it, and you have a limited amount of time that it can be eaten before it starts to rot.  So canned fruit, and jarred fruit, just have better shelf lives, and they’re easier to handle.  So when you can get a whoppin’ $1.25 coupon for (2) Dole Jars of fruit, then you’ll be reeling in the savings, and the nutrition.

So Here’s Your Dole Fruit Coupon Strategy…

This $1.25 coupon is pretty nice.  But although it’s scorches the $1 threshold, it still pains me to know that it’s missing out on being doubled.  Most retailers will double manufacturer coupons that have a face value of $0.99 or less.  So, if this coupon was valued at $0.75, then theoretically, we could get more value.  But, we’re stuck with what the coupon gods have bestowed upon us.

So the next best course of action is to find a retailer with low prices.  Target and Walmart are great choices.  I choose Walmart over Amazon for many reasons, but Walmart also has a nice coupon policy.  Basically, if you’re able to accumulate more value with your coupons, than the items are actually worth, then Walmart will pay you the difference.  And this common trick is called coupon overages.

Target doesn’t have coupon overages listed in their coupon policy.  But they still have many saving opportunities.  Many times, they have sales where the customer can buy 5 of a specific item, and then they’ll receive a Target gift card.  And then that gift card can be used on other items.  So there’s that as well.  But regardless of your options, make sure you choose wisely, and thoughtfully.  Because that’s how you put money back into your pocket.

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