Earn Side Hustle Income By Walking Dogs

side hustle as a dog walker

Looking for an Animal-Friendly Side-Job? Try Rover.com!

If you already love animals, what could be better than interacting with them in order to make money on the side? Rover.com offers various services for pet owners, including dog-walking, dog-sitting, and even running dog daycares. If you’re a lover of canine companions, then there could hardly be a cooler way to make some money on the side.

How It Works

You contract with Rover, they take 20% of your fee and you keep the rest. It’s not a bad idea, and their platform has quite a bit of support you might end up needing, including access to veterinary hotlines.

Your payments go through Rover, so you know that you’re protected and will receive the money you were hired for. They also have some insurance that can help cover in case some kind of accident occurs, making it a pretty solid platform to help you run a dog-sitting related business.

You’ll need to apply at their website in order to become one of their independent contractors, and they run a background check and then approve or reject your application. The background check is only for criminal history and to confirm citizenship, they’re not going to be looking at your credit or anything.

After this you’ll just need a little bit of sales-savvy in order to sell yourself to customers, which is pretty much the bottom line for any kind of service.

You’ll be able to set your own hours and rates, and if you’re doing this as a side job this allows you the flexibility to make extra money when you want to rather than being locked into regular hours.

Since you can set your own rates, you might even be able to leverage the whole thing into a real business. The opportunity to spend a bunch of times with dogs and leave that boring and unfulfilling office or retail job behind is a big draw for the site and they handle some of the advertising for you.

Who Should Take a Look

Anyone who loves dogs and wants to make money.

But more specifically, the site dovetails nicely for those who are already involved with dogs during their day job. If you’re an aspiring groomer or other animal-related professional you might have found the perfect way to spend as much time as possible with canines.

If you live in a busy area, you might even be able to make a substantial amount of money offering pet sitting services on the weekends. How much work you find it to be will greatly depend on how good you are with animals, of course, but for true dog lovers it’s bound to not be like work at all.

Rover can turn into a real job, of course, and if you’re looking for a way to get started on offering services to dog owners it can be a great way to get started. People are always looking for those who can take care of their animals while they’re on vacation, or even just keep them company during the day while they’re working, and if you have the spirit and the right rates you might find yourself making a substantial sum.


It might not be for everyone, but Rover is a great way to run a business on the side or even get some help starting up your own business if you use it correctly. It’s highly recommended for those who love dogs as well since it will allow you to interact with a huge number of other people’s pets.

Give it a shot if you think it will work for you, it might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.