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Diapers are every adults worst nightmare.  Whether they’re dirty or clean, parents don’t want to deal with them.  When they’re dirty, it’s obvious why they’re unpleasent to deal with.  But when they are nicely packaged and folded, and sitting comfortably on a retail shelf, all a parent sees is the price tag.  A price tag for something that’s only going to be used to defecation.  And why would any sane person want to spend money on an item like this?  This is why diapers are a paradox.  No one wants them, but in certain life-type situations, we just need them.

So when that moment comes, here’s a $2 coupon to slap in the cashier’s hand, and declare a little more freedom from the tyranny that diapers have over your now toddler-consumed life.

And now that the joys and wonders of parenting have been brought to light, here are some sugar-sweet deals from the Amazon: