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Pier 1 Imports started in California, and specifically catered to the hipster, baby-boomer generation.  They started with love beads, incense, and random knick knacks that ultimately cluttered table tops and stands.  Then, as the decades went on, so did their product line.  They expanded from hippy knick-knacks to interesting furniture.  Their furniture includes vases and wall decor, and other miscellaneous stuff that probably wouldn’t improve your quality of life.  But regardless of the lack of direction their knock-off products from China offer, there’s certainly some level of interest generated by the public.  Because they are publicly traded on the New York stock exchange, and narrowly avoided filing for bankruptcy back in 2009 when their stock hit an all time low at $0.11 a share.  And if you’re crystal ball was working that day, you should have bought a few thousand shares, because a few years later, the stock jumped to nearly $25 a share.

But beyond all that historical mumbo jumbo, let’s get back to the Pier 1 Coupons I keep blabbing about.  Here’s a list of coupons available that you can use at Pier 1:

If you look closely, there’s plenty of opportunities to save big money from Pier 1, including free shipping, discounts, and other store wide sales.  So if you fit the hippy-dippy, beaded incense profile, then you these coupons may wet your appetite.  And if they don’t, then there may be some interesting furniture or wall decor that could improve your lacking enthusiasm.

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