DEAL Alert: Save $1.85 off Crest Pro-Health Advanced Mouth Wash

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Deal Alert: Get Crest Pro-Health Advanced for only $2.74.

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My local grocery store was having a great deal this week on Crest Pro-Health Advanced.  And when I saw the ad in this week’s circular, I knew I had a great opportunity to maximize savings on a product I regularly use.  By combining the $1.50 coupon with the $0.35 saving on 16 ounces of Crest’s Pro-Health mouth wash, I could get the product at a 40% discount.  This is a great deal for a product I normally purchase anyway.

Now, depending on the store you shop at, there are many other opportunities to save.  The grocery store I shop at is willing to double manufacturer coupons (GREAT!).  But, they will only double coupons that are valued up to $0.99.  So basically, if your coupon is valued at $1, then you can’t double it.  But, if you’re coupon is valued at $0.99, then you can double it, and get a saving of $1.98 off that product.  So, if I take a manufacturer coupon into my grocery store, I can get a better value out of that coupon that is valued between the price of $0.50 and $0.99, as compared to a coupon that is priced at $1.

If the store was willing to double the $1.50 coupon, then I could have gotten the mouth wash for only $1.24!  Which would have been a 73% savings!  But, I suspect that since the airing of Extreme Couponing, many retailers have been forced to really crack down on their coupon policies.  Which is understandable.

But, if I had more time on my hands, I could have stopped at Walmart or Dollar General to see if they are having any good deals on that same mouth wash.  Or, even Target, because they typically offer a store giftcard by purchasing a specific number of items.

Overall, couponing has many opportunities.  And the amount of time required to maximize each opportunity could have you running in circles from store to store.  So, it might just be worth it to spend $0.50 extra cents on a product, just to know that you’ll be able to head home in a few minutes, as opposed to a few hours.

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