Deal Alert: Get Crest Pro-Health for only $1.59

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Put money back in your pocket with this $0.75 coupon for Crest toothpaste

Print your $0.75 coupon for Crest Pro-Health here

Clean teeth are the bread of life.  They help breakdown your food, they help attract your sole mate, and they can even help open up a bottle of beer.  So it’s important that you make the effort to take great care of your teeth.  But between the cost of floss, antiseptic mouthwash, and top-shelf toothpaste, the amount of cash required to sustain those calcium gems in the facial orifice is becoming a challenge.  So here’s a coupon that can help save you $0.75 on a tube of Crest Pro-Health.

But, what’s even better, if you can find a store that is currently having a promotion, and a store that doubles the face value of manufacturer coupons, then you can score BIG savings!  And that’s what I did.

Here’s how I scored a tube of Crest Pr0-Health for only $1.59.

I shop at a grocery store called Giant.  Giant will double the manufacturer coupon, as long as the face value of the coupon doesn’t exceed $1.00.  So, in Giant, my $0.75 coupon will be valued at $1.50.  Then, Giant is having a sale on a 4.2 oz tube of Crest Pro-Health for $3.09.  So, because my coupon doubled, I was able to score a tube of top shelf toothpaste for only $1.59.

And that’s the proper way to coupon.  You don’t want to just stroll into a store and slap any random coupon in that cashier’s hand.  What you’ll want to do is wait for the desired item to go on sale, so that you can maximize your savings.

And since you’re the saving type that enjoys the thrill of the deal, check out these excellent coupon codes for some of the most popular online retails.  Stores include Home Depot, Lowes, Dollar General, Carter’s, and more.