DEAL ALERT – Get (2) boxes of Cheerios for only $1.50 with this coupon

cheerios coupon

Put money back in your pocket when you you use this $1 coupon on (2) Cheerio products

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Cereal is a big staple in my household.  It’s an easy meal, just add milk.  Sometimes you don’t even need a bowl.  That’s why it’s so easy.  So when I see store deals on cereal, and coupons for cereal, I can sometimes get chameleon eyes that start dancing in both directions.  So when my local grocery store had a great deal on Cheerios, and when I scoured through my coupon reserves, my heart started palpitating.

I scored (2) boxes of Cheerios for only $1.50 per box.

So my grocery store of choice, Giant Foods, was having a sale on Cheerios.  As proven by the picture, each box was on sale for $2. This is great, because it follows one of the cardinal rules of couponing: use coupons on products that are already on sale.  Typically, I’ll see cereal on sale for (2) boxes for $5.  So when I see a box for only $2, i know it’s a great deal.  Now, the coupon overlords demanded that I buy (2) boxes to save a dollar.  So, that comes out to saving $.50 per box, totaling $1.50 per box.  And that’s a pretty good deal for a food that can be served as dinner in a matter of seconds.

And for those who just want to see the breakdown without the story, here’s the punch-list:

  • Cheerios on sale for $2 per box.
  • Coupon overlords say I need to buy (2) boxes to take advantage of coupon. (2 boxes x $2 = $4)
  • Coupon value is $1 ($4 – $1 = $3)
  • 2 boxes of Cheerios at $3 factors out to $1.50 per box.

And that’s the low down on this grocery store cereal deal.

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