Cut The Crap With This $1 Liquid Plumber Coupon

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Put Money Back In Your pocket When You Print This $1 Liquid Plumber Coupon Here

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Someone needs to get on the horn and let the Liquid Plumber marketing team know that they’re spelling their own product wrong.  Because Liquid Plumr  is clearly a typo.  And it’s even typed incorrectly on their Liquid Plumber coupon.  But I’m not sure if there is any shame with a company who’s sole purpose is to design an automated, unclogging product.  Not that there should be shame in it.  Because sometimes we make eating mistakes.  Maybe we were too hungry, and ate too much trail mix, or too many muffins, or indulged on those on an entire container of ice cream.  I know I’m certainly guilty of excessive eating and disposal.  But I for the life of me can’t understand how a careless typo made its way through the quality assurance department, and onto the store shelves, and finally into my bathroom.  Something’s I’ll just never understand.

But one thing I can understand is the benefit of using coupons.  And this one’s know different.  Print this $1 Liquid Plumber coupon to score big savings the next time you clog the toilet.  So if you’re experiencing disappointment and insecurity when you walk into that grocery store, know that you wouldn’t have misspelled plumber on one of your flagship products.

So Here’s Your Liquid Plumber Coupon Strategy…

A $1 coupon is nice.  But it falls short with maximum savings.  Where it goes wrong is when it crossed that $1 threshold.  Because one of the tenants for couponing is finding a manufacturer coupon that is below $0.99.  Because there are many retailers that double manufacturer coupons.  But this privilege is limited to coupons $0.99 or less.  So it’s easy to go bonkers when you see a coupon that falls below this territory, because a coupon valued between $0.51 and $0.99 is essentially worth more than a $1 coupon.  But this is what we have to work with.  After you’ve selected your store of choice, you’ll want to find the deals.  Look for in-store promotions or in-store coupons.  Because when you stack this manufacturer coupon with an in-store deal or coupon, then you’ll be reducing that product cost significantly.

But before you drive all the way to the store, remember that in this game of efficiency, you’ll want to make sure you’re reading up on each store’s coupon policy.  Some stores don’t allow coupons to be stacked with in-store promotions or coupons.  So the last thing you want to do is plan a purchase, drive to the store, and try to slap that coupon in that cashier’s hand, only to be denied your savings.  So pull out those reading classes, and make sure you’re up-to-date on your store’s coupon policies.  Or else you may just end up wasting a whole lot of  time for a $1.50 in savings.  And that’s how you put money back in your pocket.

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