This Craig’s List Gig Put $200 In My Pocket For Putting Up A Fence

cirag's list gig side hustle

When I arrived on site, there was frost on the ground.  The wind nipped through my long johns, and the stacked lumber gripped together in the frozen dew.  But after 6 hours of digging, nailing, and stapling, the laborious day ended with $200 and sunshine.

What’s so hard about putting up a fence?  Just dig some holes, post some posts, and screw in some boards.  “Piece of cake!”  I thought, as I replied to the Craig’s List ad.  But as I would learn, it was nothing but.

The fence was 290 linear feet long.  And required a post to be dug every 10′ feet.  The guy had an auger, but the ground was angry that morning.  So, after burning through a few gallons of gas, and breaking knuckles against some twisted roots, I was able to crack the crust and get these holes dug.

After the posts were positioned in the holes, and set in cement, it was time to set up the cross boards.

craig's list gig side hustle

And here’s a pic of some of the cross beams set up, and some of them not.  And don’t let the snow fool you.  By mid day, it was melted in the soil.  Which created an unfortunate mud matrix that clung to the souls of my sneakers.  It became sloppy.

But once the cross beams were nailed into place, the customer wanted a 12 foot gate installed.

craigs list gig side hustle

It wasn’t too hard.  Except the hinges needed to be screwed into the post.  And this was difficult, because they had to be screwed in by combining hand power, and vice grips.  And man, I love vice grips, but this was challenging.  But once the hinges were put in place, the gate fit drug as a slug onto the hinges.

craigs list gig side hustle

Swing Me!

And after the gate was put in place, and demonstrated for the customer, it was time to staple the chicken wire to the cross beams.  By this point in the day, I was not longer concerned or interested in taking pictures for your benefit.  At this point in the day, I was ready to get the gig wrapped up, so I could get the hell home.  So before you eve consider expressing a nano-particle’s worth of dissatisfaction in the comments, know that I don’t care.

But overall, even though the gig was laborious, out of state, and menacing like an unbrided butcher, I still walked off the site with $200 in cash.  Now that’s a great way to spend a Saturday.