This Craig’s List Gig Paid $180 For Laying Astro-Turf

craig's list gig

It was a beautiful day.  Something I haven’t seen since October.  Which made the gig all more rewarding.  But after rolling out (2) 500 lb rolls of turf into this backyard, I was happy to walk away $180 richer.  And here’s what I did with this week’s Craig’s List Gig:

I secured a gig to help lay down astro-turf.  The astro-turf was the owner’s solution to providing a nice, green lawn for his family, that could withstand the wear and tear from his beloved destructo- dogs.  So when I arrived, the person that recruited my services off Craig’s List, had already laid stone onto the back yard:

craigs list gig

So here’s the crushed stone and sand.  It needed some tamping, so my first order of duty was to tamp all the loose sand.  And once I did that, we needed to roll out (2) astro-turf rolls.  It sounds pretty easy, but each roll was over 500 pounds, and needed to be moved from the driveway, through the fence door, and into the backyard.  And this was a pain.  Because the huge rolls didn’t have anything you could grip.  So we were pushing and nudging the 15′ long rolls through a 3′ wide door.

But we ultimately got them through the door:

craigs list gig

Look at that thing!  Pushing it was a nightmare, and left no opportunity for joy during this gig.  But alas, it was positioned, and ready to roll over the rubble:

craigs list gig

But oh dear god.  Nothing is ever easy.  We had to maneuver it past the shed.  Which was a huge headache.  Because the roll was 15′ long, but the space between the shed and the fence was about 12′ wide.  So, the situation at hand required a lot of pushing and pulling this big ass roll of astro turf.

And when we finally had it rolled out in the general location, we had to tug and pull at the seams.  Which sounds easy.  But when you have over 1000 square feet of turf dragging against the crushed gravel, you’ll have a lot of resistance.  And to add to the difficulty, the turf offered nothing to grab.  So we’re grunting and pulling at this turf to make sure it fits, so that it required as little trimming as possible.  But ultimately, we managed to get it set up in its proper location.

Once it was positioned.  I had to go around the perimeter, and hammer 6″ spikes through the edge of the turf:

craigs list gig

Here in the picture, you can see the box of spikes, the hammer, and the first ground breaker.  It was a long day of hammering spikes into a gravely, rocky area.

But overall, the side hustle turned out… a little wrinkley:

craigs list gig

Aside from the wrinkles, everything was laid properly.  According to the guy I was helping, the wrinkles will go away, after the sun has had time to warm up the turf, allowing it to mold onto the foundation.

This gig was longer than the other side hustles I’ve done so far this year.  It took about 6 hours to complete, and paid $180, which factors out to about $30 an hour.  Which brings my 2017 Craig’s List Side Hustle Haul to a total of $760 for the year.  Definitely not a bad use of my Saturday.