Coupons in Retrospect: My Experience 1 Year After Becoming a Couponer



Well, it’s been a little over 1 year since I started clipping coupons and I wanted to share the changes that it has had on my life.  Before I started couponing I would categorized myself as an un-informed and, quite frankly, haphazard spender – especially at the grocery store.  I would go to the market every week with no shopping list and/or plan on what to buy or what was on sale.  I went up and down the isles filling my cart with items I needed (and many I didn’t) without giving it much thought.  I figured that there was little I could do to save money and I was powerless to the store.

Since then things have changed.  To me couponing has been so much more than simply printing out pieces of paper to giving them to the store.  It has been a change in my attitude over how I spend money.  I have become a much more discipline and educated consumer.  I have learned ways to save money and still get what I need.  My grocery bill went from $250-300 each week down to $120-150 for a family of four (my kids are ages 3 and 6).  Of course this took time and did not happen over night but I will say that having the extra $100 in our pocket each week has done wonders for my family’s budget.

I know that there are lots of people out there who are searching for ways to save money and for whom saving $100 per week might be what they need to avoid foreclosure or simply give them some budget breathing room.  Take it from me – clipping coupons can make that big of a difference.  It does take work but the payoff can be immense.  Not to mention it is a wonderful feeling to know that you are no longer a slave to the grocery store.

Take a minute to look through my site where I give tips on getting started and myths about coupons.  You have nothing to lose – the information is free and there is nothing to sign up for.

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