Coupon Tip – How to Avoid Inactive/Expired Coupon Deals


Looking for coupons online can often times be a frustrating exercise as it seems that many of the coupon ‘links’ found online bring you to offers that are no longer available or expired.  Here’s a quick rundown on why this happens and some tips to help you avoid ‘dead’ coupon links:

* Most online coupon links are time sensitive and may only be available for a set period of time or they are available for a set number of prints.  Once the coupon offer has been printed the set number of times (say 10,000 for example) then the coupon link will disappear.   This is why so many online coupon links will bring you to offers that are no longer available (or just don’t show up anymore – also known as ‘dead’ links).

* Most online coupon links older than 2-3 months are more than likely no longer active coupons.  When looking for coupons using search engines (such as Google and Bing) pay attention to the dates of the available links.  Look for the most recent links first (chronologically) to help avoid wasting time on ‘dead’ links.

* Many of the major coupon sites (most notably reset their coupons on the 1st of each month.  Also, keep in mind that online coupons are usually restricted to (2) prints per computer and require that you download software in order to enforce such restrictions.

* If you find a coupon that you want be sure to print it right away – don’t wait until the end of the week or month only to then learn that the offer disappeared or expired.  I have seen many coupons offers last less than 24 hours due to mass popularity.

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Jason the Coupon King

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